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Democrats can win, so they move the goal posts

  1. Guest:
    Does Jessica Webb do extras? Her Instagram pictures are hot af
  2. Guest:
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  3. Therotten1:
    Anyone open in durham?
  4. Anto1616:
    Is Vaughan spa open?
  5. Guest:
    Around Toronto
  6. Guest:
    Any tgirl spa
  7. Louis Lapinski:
    Kidding, just wondering whats open
  8. Louis Lapinski:
  9. Guest:
    Any spa open in scarborough ?
  10. shanekhan:
    any girls from Candyspa in unionville here? pls message me. anyone knows any contact info?
  11. Guest:
    Is there any spa open in etobicoke?
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  16. Guest:
    Anyone know if Jessica Webb RMT is still doing extras
  17. Guest:
    Does body slide mean intercourse
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  19. Guest:
    Looking for semi legit anywhere in GTA that I don’t have to call and wait for callback
  20. Guest:
    I need to pound a small Asian so bad
  21. Guest:
    Open today
  22. Guest:
    milking table
  23. Guest:
    any milki g tablesin montrea?
  24. Guest:
    Where in scarb
  25. Guest:
    Massage parlours open Scarborough


Jan 21, 2016
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The Democrats can't win on policy - tax rates, economic planning, social security adjustments etc - so they will keep expanding the voter rolls and take the political game that way.

They have been doing everything possible to bring over as many illegal mexicans as possible. Put them in school, have them vote. And now they want teenagers as young as age 16 to be eligible to vote.

You can't make this shit up.

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