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Pompal 09.

Feb 9, 2011
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I am in the process of putting together a paper for a course I am taking and in doing so ran across this link which may be useful to the Animal Therapists on our forum.

Bowen Technique for Animals: http://www.animalconnectionnetwork.com/Course_Description.html

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone with a desire to learn and apply complementary therapies for animals to facilitate:

•The body's natural healing responses
•Performance Enhancement

Be a part of the growing audience of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, animal trainers, groomers, breeders, riders, competitors, farriers, rescue/rehabilitation groups and animal guardians who are integrating this Collaborative, Complementary and Gentle approach into their health management programs for the animals in their care.



Small Animal model: A Two Day, 14 hour course, designed to teach the concept of the technique, animal anatomy as applicable to the technique, and introduce application of the technique to release and balance muscle tension throughout the body. The impact of nutrition on health and as an important complement to the technique will also be addressed. You will be taught six procedures that address the axial spine, for releasing and balancing muscle tension from the coccyx through the temporo-mandibular joint. This course is also appropriate for the lay person interested in assisting his/her own animals. The procedures covered in this module will benefit young and competing or elderly animals with challenges. It is foundational for anyone using body work for animals and essential for those working with rescue and/or rehab animals. A full text is included. An introductory video/DVD, required for Module 1, is available for purchase.

This course is taught using the Small Animal model but is applicable for all animals.

An additional One Day, 7 hour unit based on the Equine model is available to follow immediately after, and in conjunction with, the two day Small Animal Module One at the location of the module, if there is sufficient interest.

MODULE ONE also available as a Two Day Equine model with an additional One Day Small Animal unit following immediately after.


Small Animal model: A Three Day, 20 hour course. This module includes a review of Module One, plus six additional procedures to address muscle tension in all four limbs, the pelvis and muscles associated with digestion and respiration. Designed to improve and build on skills learned in Module One, Module Two will enhance a body worker or veterinarian's practical understanding of animal anatomy and function.

This module is essential for anyone wanting to understand how inappropriate muscle tension affects the health, well-being, and temperament of animals. It is also appropriate for the lay person, particularly for those with competing and/or working animals, wishing to maintain soundness and suppleness in their animals.

PREREQUISITE: Module One Equine or Small Animal course, with completion of ten case studies, each with three treatments per case. Purchase of a recommended animal anatomy book and other assigned reading material is necessary. A full text book is provided.


A three day, 20 hour course, applicable for Equine and/or Small Animals.

PREREQUISITES: Module One with ten case studies, three treatments each case, completed and Module Two with ten additional case studies, three treatments each case, completed.

This module includes a review of both Module One and Module Two, with an additional six hours of practical application instruction for all 12 procedures in relationship to challenges animals may be experiencing. The module also includes individual examination consisting of written and practical application demonstration of the skills developed in Module One and Two and integration of Module Three material.

Certification for completing the above requirements, totaling 54 hours of classroom instruction and 30 or more hours of application, will be issued by The Animal Connection Network after review of said examination. The Animal Connection Network reserves the right to deny or grant certification based upon a student's understanding of the technique and its application.

NOTE: Certification does not constitute lincensure to practice as a business in students state. It is each persons responsibility to check with their State Board of Professional regulations.


PREREQUISITES: MODULES ONE THROUGH THREE with all case studies and testing completed. This module is designed to help veterinarians understand how to incorporate this work into their practice. Several additional procedures and protocols for specific conditions are included. Module Four includes testing of materials learned in Module Three.

Includes a one day/ 7-hr course, applicable for equine or small animals.