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Another Lisa @ Prosper Review

  1. nanchyka:
  2. Guest:
    Any massage in montreal?
  3. Guest:
  4. Guest:
    North York
  5. Guest:
    In call Hamilton
  6. Guest:
    Happy ending Toronto
  7. Guest:
    Ladybiy $50
  8. Guest:
    Need Etobicoke
  9. Guest:
    Richmond Hill?
  10. Therotten1:
    Need massage in oshawa durham area
  11. Guest:
    Ayesha delhi
  12. Guest:
    Open places?
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    lockdown massage mumbai
  14. Guest:
    Anyone has a good asian massage spot in Montreal to recommend?
  15. Guest:
    Any asian massge places open??
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    Paul kersey
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    Where are the girls posting?
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  20. Guest:
    Isaw girls postings
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    Semi legit open
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  23. Guest:
    I need to pound a small Asian so bad
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    No sex just tease and good massage
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    Semi legit means?

smartie<3 :)

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Aug 24, 2009
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I have to say, I was intrigued to visit Prosper from the latest glowing review from Sonny and also others of this lady in her former days at Rainbow. So, I took matters into my own hands (no not that matter!) and headed off to Prosper on Kingsway. Got there just about 45 mins before closing and luckily the lady I had in mind (Lisa) was available. I saw the other two working (Mimi and another girl I can't remember) then in came Lisa and she was a looker and was wearing nice fitting jeans which definitely were a turn on.

Picked Lisa, almost a no-brainer for me, then forked over the 1/2 hr donation of $.3 to the guy owner there. Made sure that this was the all inclusive, no tipping required as that is all the dough I had. Plus guys, I am on the side of keeping the market price reasonable. He assured me this was the case, so I went for it.

Jumped in the shower, looked kind of scungy on the floor but I hope that was just the water stains! After a few mins, in comes Lisa looking very lovely I might say. I dried off and then she had me relax face down on the massage table. Once I felt her soft hands applying good pressure, I knew I was in for a decent massage, as other posters have indicated. She was massaging all over back and legs, very thorough. This girl is definitely customer service oriented, and if you are nice she definitely aims to please. So, being a nice guy myself I must say I got the royal treatment. She even surprised me with some rimming, man I can't say I really enjoy that but what the heck!

I was kind of thinking while I was enjoying her massage that we should probably get on to the action, as I didn't want time to slip away and not get enough of the good stuff. But she assured me she was watching the time and she would even throw in an extra 15 mins for me as a bonus! Cool, I thought that doesn't happen too much these days. After the thorough massage, we got into some solid action. She straddled me ACG and she really enjoyed riding me and believe me I didn't mind either! Got to touch everywhere, and especially enjoyed the D's, got lots of hand play on those suckers. Tried multiple positions afterwards, and she is very vocal, even screaming so loud I wasn't used to that. She said how much she enjoyed my company.

All in all, it was a good time had by both of us. I appreciated her attention to detail and to making sure I was satisfied to her best ability. And let me tell you, she did not really disappoint. The only disappointment was a little bit in her body, it was lean and generally nice, but stomach is showing some imperfections and boobs are starting to sag a little. She is almost a spinner and she demonstrated that! Also, I know it comes with the territory (Asian woman) so I was not totally surprised but her bush was a little wild and could stand a bit of trimming for a more kept appearance.

Cheers everyone, treat her well because she is a nice girl and your mileage is pretty high.

L: 7.5/A:9.5/S 9.5.


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Aug 24, 2009
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nice review, sm
would you give me an idea as to how old she is (or looks)?

Ultraman Tiga

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Aug 8, 2009
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jcjc, in response to your questions. She told me her age is 25 but you never know, probably could add a few years knowing that most lie about their ages. But she could pass as 25 IMHO. She has a youthful, pretty face and nice smile, that is probably one of her biggest selling points. Her teeth are not in great condition must say, she is a good kisser and has nice lips. Just tried to avoid kissing after I got the rimming...lol. Didn't attempt DATY but I know I could have, she positioned herself mere inches from my face. As for the rest, I think I explained it as best I could in the review, her body is nice and well proportioned with a reasonably round bottom, not flat like alot of Asian women. Her body is showing a bit of age though, on her stomach and breasts. But all in all, I'd have to say she is pretty attractive but not drop dead gorgeous. Hope that answers your questions.


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Nov 19, 2009
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Good review!
I will go to prosper city tomorrow.
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