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rose garden

  1. R

    Michelle @ Rose garden. Hwy 7

    Hey guys maybe about a year back I dropped in one weeknight to rose garden at hwy 7 and Leslie and had a HH session with a curvy Asian lady named Michelle. Decent massage and an amazing view from behind.... Anyone know if she is still here ?
  2. D

    Rose garden spa

    Anyone been to rose garden spa? They advertise euro, Indian, Sri Lankan, guyanese attendants. Was wondering if anyone ever been and are there extras bj, FS ? Looking for an Indian MP. Will swing by there if its a dive I will just end up at pure lol 2351 Kennedy road unit 103 416-800-3937...
  3. T

    Anyone been to Rose Garden Spa at 2351 Kennedy Rd Unit 103 ?

    Hello. I saw an ad saying they have indian, chinese, and french girls. Anyone been here before? I think i might drop by tmrw
  4. B

    New GirlTodayAmazing Massage Girl Newly renovated Rose Garden Spa ** Call 905-597-8809 - 19

    Professional trained Massager Open 7 Days, 9:00am to 12:00pm ** ** Nice big rooms with shower ** ** Offer different type of Massage: * Swedish massage* Deep tissue massage* Myofascial release* Pre/Post Natal massage * Lymphatic drainage* Relaxation Please gist our website www .rosegarden-spa...
  5. M

    Rose Garden Spa near Jalan Besar

    Any one check out this place? Looks sensual 2nd floor.. Saw one long hair..fair PRC inside