1. Healthy Seven

    Healthy_7_Spa: in room shower at 211-2095 Weston road, Thursday , beautiful young Lili does amazingly comfortable treatment and great service... # 𝟒𝟏𝟔

    Healthy_7_Spa: in room shower at 211-2095 Weston road, Thursday , beautiful young Lili does amazingly comfortable treatment and great service... # 𝟒𝟏𝟔-𝟐𝟒𝟑-𝟗𝟑𝟔𝟐
  2. R

    Question VIP sofas?

    Prior to the pandemic when there were many spas at Leslie and Highway 7 I would go to VIP spa and be escorted by the receptionist to an empty room to wait for the girls to show themselves. On the way I would pass 2 sofas full of young Asian men and there would be a collection of Audis and BMWs...
  3. J

    Hotel Room Massage

    Request a hotel room massage in Las Vegas to ensure maximum pleasure without compromising your privacy. Drop us a line for an Asian in-room massage today.
  4. J

    Hotel Room Massage

    A growing number of individuals are turning to outcall massage services in Nevada as a way to relieve stress, eliminate pain, and feel relaxed. However, many of those looking for massage services in Nevada cannot afford the steep prices at upscale spas and massage clinics. For clients in Nevada...
  5. B

    Amazon Alexa in massage room

    What are your thoughts about devices such as Alexa in the massage room? These devices can record voices and video. Would you consider this an invasion of privacy? There is a spa in Edmonton that has this device in the rooms.
  6. I

    Is a BASIC HANDJOB included in the ROOM FEE ?

    does a one hour door room fee massage include a Simple handjob ?
  7. M

    Love is in the Air With New Aphrodisiac Massage Oil and Room & Linen Spray From Southern Butter - Yahoo Finance

    Natural sexual wellness brand launches new products aimed at invigorating your skin and arousing your senses LYONS, Colo., Feb. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Southern Butter, the natural sexual wellness brand from Sierra Sage Herbs, maker of plant-based body care brands Green Goo and Good Goo, is...
  8. I

    HOW MUCH does it cost to put a WASHROOM and SHOWER in a ROOM ?

    How do you put a shower and toilets in a room? Will the plumber need the blueprint? Do they take cash? And how to find the central pipes to connect with the warm water tank?
  9. L

    Massage Room Rental

    Hey everyone, I’m wondering if anyone knows of any locations that offer a room rental with a massage bed, preferably DT, but midtown probably works too. I’m hoping to rent it out for a few hours so that a provider that I frequently see and I can have some fun. Please let me know thanks.
  10. X

    Chat Drop the mask… or don’t get in the room!

    Found MIT website calculates COVID infection risk… so how about w spa parameters? 🤓 So, I input room specs: Rm size= 100 sq ft (10x10)… actually most rms more like 7x12, close enuf Ventillation = closed window no active ventilation, recirculation, filtration Humidity… well, left it @ default…...
  11. I


    wHY DO you like to watch women pee in massage room ?
  12. I

    U must behave in a massage room & ACT LIKE A GENTLEMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please, When you are in massage room do not do these things - a. DO NOT take off her yoga pants real fast b. DO NOT fart in the room c. DO NOT take shower and wash your ass while she is looking d. DO NOT do concaine on the massage bed e. DO NOT STEAL HER PANTIES f. Do not check if she is a SHE...
  13. I

    MOST Disgusting thing or Best Thing YOU DID INSIDE A MASSAGE ROOM with a MASSSAGE Lady?????

    I had this crush on the his Korean Beauty Massage Lady. She said no oral sex , both ways. And onE day she was sneezing and she blew her nose in Kleenex which I gave her. She threw it the waste can. After the massage was over, she left the room. I went to the waste can and took the used...