1. A

    New to forum

    Hello everyone, new to the forum but been a lurker for a while. Pretty familiar with the Toronto scene and prices but I just moved to Edmonton. Could anyone please share what the typical prices are here, recommendations for spas and independents? In Toronto $60 h.e was readily available. I'm...
  2. J

    Cash grab from the other forum

    Hi... I'm looking for some suggestions. There is a very popular SP from the other forum, who gets accolades for her service. She also does advertise for selling custom pics and vids. I had sent her the funds as agreed for online content, and the lady then ghosts me. It's been a month now...
  3. I

    Question Forum "Quote" feature

    @admin : When I press the "Quote" link at a specific post, there is pop-up showing: 1> After this I don't know how can add these "multi-quotes" to a new post I want to create. 2> Is there a way I can see or clear all the quotes already been added to "multi-quotes".
  4. snoopdoggie

    Chat This review forum just got infected with the Covid virus again.

    Bats flying everywhere are making me dizzy.
  5. J

    8 year hobbyist - New to the forum

    Hi All I go by Josh. Ive been hobbying for 8 years with way too many to count or remember, not sure if thats a good thing though LOL I have had my share of horrible and amazing experiences From my one and only bbfs service at the no longer opened Pure Pleasure spa to being out right ripped...
  6. admin

    Announcement Forum upgrade 2022 - live updates

    Good day folks, as you are probably aware, we have migrated forums today to the cloud infrastructure. What is the expectation after migration is complete: 1. Improved user experience 2. Improved stability 3. Improved forum speed 4. Latest forum addons and features As a result of this...
  7. B

    This forum is changing

    I have noticed that this forum is almost all Asian, all the time, and frankly mostly ad threads. Less and less reviews generally. I am curious if this is helping or hurting traffic. I know I don't visit as often, but maybe the revenue from the in thread ads surpasses the reduced traffic. I am...
  8. V

    Question Why do we allow spa ads in the massage review forum?

    It seems like a lot of the forum is taken up by ads now. Shouldn't we keep this forum strictly for reviews? It's called toronto massage review, after all.
  9. B

    Retards on the bbfs forum

    Some retard started a thread called Project Catching Big Sleeze LMAO you can’t even make this stuff up. I got more lists to come don’t worry. Your precious regulars aren’t exclusively for yourselves. Quit being greedy and share the wealth… niggggaaas
  10. G

    Opinion Suggestion for new name for this forum

    In light of the recent evolution of this forum, I suggest its name be changed to the "Toronto Massage & Racist Review"...
  11. N

    New to the forum - LF: Busty MILF that loves to RIM, BBBJ, Good Massage

    HI Guys, I am haven't hobbied in a long time, but with COVID-19 I am super horny and have been single for awhile and in need of some pussy! I a looking for a busty MILFthat provides massage with PSE overtones. Im mostly looking for big tits, decent face, dirty talk, Rimming, BBBJ and FS (if I...
  12. S

    Question "Threads below this point have not been updated" - Admin can this feature be added to the Toronto forum?

    @admin I just recently noticed when you browse through threads in the "latest posts" section there is a little bar that shows up that separates all the threads that have been updated and all the threads that have not since the last time you logged in. It says "threads below this point have not...
  13. Y

    Well this forum sure is dead.

  14. S

    Contributing to the forum as newbie

    I found this site and and really like it, understand that you need to give in order to receive if you look on terb. And search my name You’ll see various reviews on SP and massage ladies I’ve seen in the past I am fairly new t the massage scene and only been to flirt and perla so don’t know...
  15. T

    Massage Attendants During Pandemic

    Good Afternoon to all currently reading this thread. I have been thinking about all my fellow attendants in the massage industry who are currently going through this hard time with Covid19. This is a place where I hope more women can come together and discuss what we are going through and how we...
  16. admin

    Upgraded Forum - first impressions?

    Folks, looking for feedback as I am still working on customization / improvements
  17. OG_funguy

    High stakes poker game between forum members...

    With all the back and forth bickering that goes on here, one of these days we should organize a high stakes poker game. Here's what I think would happen with some of the more active members here (note: no need for anyone to get up in arms about this, just meant for fun): Dotanuki - even keeled...
  18. DickSlinger

    I tried to cut my dick off. Im leaving the forum

    Last night after I made my post i was so high on ecstacy i tried to cut my own dick off and kill myself by Odi'ng. Im currently sitting in the hospital now and me going into a mental health facility to spend the rest of my time is in the works. So I am troubled to see I will leaving the forum. I...
  19. admin

    Giphy is now active on the forum

    If you would like to use this feature, just type /GIPHY "keyword" and hit preview, you will be able to see picture it will produce.
  20. lotstoplaywith

    b4fun69....this forum has hit a new

    Finally, a moronic racist posting here!