1. Henry67

    Massage for female

    Hi guys, Do you guys know any HE spa for woman? Prefer male masseur, but experience female is great as well. Yes I do plan on watching :)
  2. Z

    Relaxation massage by Caucasian female certified rmt

    Anyone been to her? Posts on kijiji and was wondering how your experience was. When searching the phone # a Kayla comes up and I’m wondering if that’s her.
  3. D

    Which male and female rapper EAT ASS ?

    Can u tell me which rappers in North America eat ass ???
  4. L

    Where to buy Female Aphrodisiac

    Hey, So I’m looking to go to sp and they were okay with some aphrodisiac so curiosity anyone know where I can buy some in Markham preferably. (Drop some stores below) also not sure what’s better the pills, or the gel? Where can you buy like a bullet vibrator ? Thanks
  5. D

    Hiring female masseuse

    Hi ladies, If anyone is interested in doing 4 hand massage or working with a woman in a discreet location please let me know! Compensation is good, all ethnicities are welcome.
  6. A

    Female to Female Yoni Massage

    Looking for any insight about females providing yoni massages. I am not interested in a male providing this. Any recommendations? In Toronto or Hamilton:Niagara.
  7. A

    Female on female massage

    Anyone know of any non Asian female masseuse that specializes on erotic massage female on female?