1. Z

    Ellagance or Golden Sunshine? Best spa in Woodbridge?

    Which spot is better? Any other spots in Woodbridge that folks prefer?
  2. OG_funguy

    Review My review of Kim Kardashian, oops I mean Doris, at Ellagance

    Ok, no joke. If you guys are looking for a young, Asian girl that is very curvy, then you have to check out Doris at Ellagance. I was told today is her first day there and the Ellagance mama-san was already telling me a few days ago that I have to try her since she knows how much I like curvy...
  3. A

    Review Ava @ Ellagance

    I saw Ava last week. Showed up for a late afternoon 1 hour session. She seemed to be in her mid thirties (or late, not sure). Looks in nice shape with clothes on. I got a shower and lied down face on. Tried to initiate a conversation and all I understood that she is from Taiwan. Massage was...
  4. 1

    Gina Ellagance Wellness

    Booked an appointment with Gina last week Greeted by Ella, as always she is so flirty and was looking really good. On to Gina.... good massage hit all the sore areas Not so much tease while on my belly, she made up for it on the flip side Treat her well and I'm sure she will return the favor...
  5. D

    Has anyone ever been here (on the way /nearby to Ellagance spa)?

    If so, is this place semi-legit?
  6. S

    Where is Lora @ Ellagance nowadays?

    Does anyone know where Lora work now who used to work for Ellagance? Thanks
  7. S

    Joanna @ Ellagance

    Since yesterday (May 15th) was Joanna's last day, I might as well want to share my experience with her during all those months. I always have excellent time with her, even though she's not a experience giving massage, but her friendly personality and kindness covers it all. I know most ppl...
  8. K

    Ellagance Wellness: who else is good there?

    I haven't had many experience at ellagance. But the following is my ranking of the ones I've seen so far from top to bottom. Bobo - the whole package. Looks, massage, sensuality Nancy - nice massage and tease. A little Bit more meat than I prefer. Not to say she's fat or anything Baby -...
  9. D

    Review Ella and Annie Ellagance

    I took the plunge and tried out Ellagance. I thought after reading great reviews I would see Ella. Well the Ella experience was all it was hyped to be. Thoroughly happy when I left. So I thought I would repeat. Ella was busy and so were all the other ones except Annie. I asked her to work my...
  10. J

    Kiki at Ellagance in Vaughan

    I went to Ellagance yesterday, as I was driving close by, and the receptionist told me Kiki was available. She looked good even with her mask on, petite and cheerful. Kiki got me a fresh towel for my shower, and soon after she returned. Kiki gives a pretty good massage, which I definitely...
  11. R

    Review Ella @ Ellagance. Master of her craft

    Ellagance is a well known and has a reputation as one of the most reliable semi-legit spa in the city, their popularity happens to the very reason why I've been hesitant to patronize their establishment. I have a preference for hard massage, it's been tough trying to find the total package...
  12. B.M.H.666

    Review Baby at ellagance

    it’s a long overdue review, so as OG reco I tried out Baby at Ellagence. It was a Friday night. To my surprise she stills got tons of energy when she sees me. She’s in her early 30’s, dyed blonde hair which gave her some youthfulness. Looks I would rate her 7/10 Fit and tight body, breasts size...
  13. C

    Question Rose formerly of Ellagance

    I know she worked at Suko as well, I think under a different name. Any intel?
  14. C

    Review Kiki @ Ellagance Review

    Great personality, friendly, fun. Decent English. Solid massage, works hard & pays attention to requests. I wished for some more tease during massage portion. I love the ones that give a good tease early on then go back to massage (Michelle E&M). Looks - face 7, body 6. Cute face. Not...
  15. KenAdams37

    Review Nancy - Ellagance Wellness Centre

    Had some time recently and was in the area, so gave them a call to see who was available….Receptionist sounded very cute on the phone and spoke English very well, Eva and Nancy were available, I’d seen Eva before and had fun, but decided to go with Nancy. Arrive at the time go in to reception...
  16. Old No. 7

    Review Michelle at Ellagance

    After reading many of the recent posts about the incorrect use of posts and threads, it appears to me I may have posted this review in a "Spa Ad" thread. So, here's my review from last week, properly labeled as a review and in its own thread. Finally got back to Ellagance today. Based on my...
  17. OG_funguy

    Review My recent experiences at Ellagance (8099 Weston Rd) - UPDATED with new reviews

    I recently went to Ellagance as I have heard good things about this place. For those that don't know, it is located in Woodbridge near Weston Rd and Hwy 7. The exact address is 8099 Weston Rd, Unit 7. It is in a small plaza with plenty of parking. Inside is nice and clean, they have 5 rooms and...
  18. hiyamickey

    Ellagance wellness center ☎️2896571666

    8099 Weston Road unit #7 ☎️2896571666
  19. J

    Review Ellagance Wellness-Jenny Review

    Honestly it was just okay. I know it’s a semi holistic, so I didn’t have much expectations to begin with. But I got there, saw Jenny (I think that’s her name). Wasn’t asked who I wanted, Jenny just came in the room and started massage. Clothed the whole time, I asked if she does extras, and...
  20. hiyamickey

    Ellagance wellness center

    Ellagance wellness center 7-8099 Weston Road 2896571666