1. Grey Owl

    Chat FKK Sauna Clubs in Europe

    This is more of an FYI thread. If anyone wants to move it to another area, do so. The Europe threads are pretty quiet and I want to direct this to my fellow Torontonians who may be thinking of travelling to Europe. You can do a Google search for FKK Sauna Clubs to see what I am talking about...
  2. T

    bangkok clubs

    i lived in bangkok for 2 years, thought i'd post some info to help people out the popular bar girl places are nana plaza (near nana station bts) and soi cowboy (asoke station bts), i never went because the girls there are usually older & less attractive. what you want to do is go to clubs...
  3. D

    Are strip clubs open now ??they were once fun !!!

    Just curious , any of the big strip clubs opened now ? The hot babes use to work at strip clubs . Which strip clubs are opened ?
  4. D

    Strip clubs opening in december or November !!!!

    Most strip clubs will open in November or December ? Some provide hand and oral jobs, not all The best is CLUB PRO !!! U been to club pro ?
  5. D

    Strip Clubs ??? When will they open ?need a surprise handjob !!!

    When the fuck Will they open strip clubs ?? I miss those days When one would get surprise handjob and a brown pinky and Washing fingers After in the washroom .
  6. D

    When will strip clubs , don’t u miss a clean pussy and ass

    When will strip clubs open ??? Don’t u miss those bisexual strippers ??
  7. D

    When striptease or strip clubs open up , will u go ?????

    When strip clubs open up In Toronto , will u go there For some Victoria secret Pussy And lingerie LAP dance ? DO U MISS THEM ?????
  8. D


    Dudes I am starting to miss strip clubs !!!!! The smell of expensive perfumes !! Dark booth !! Coke !!!!
  9. H

    Which German FKK clubs do the girls have to share changing rooms with guy or let you in to watch?

    Guys was wondering whilst I know the girls all end up naked, but in whihc FKK clubs do the girls have to either share the changing rooms or where their changing rooms are open for entry and viewing or if you like somone there and then assistign in the undressing and gettign going. You know the...
  10. snoopdoggie

    Chat Will the sex clubs in Toronto stay in business?

    Hey guys, what do you think? I've been to Oasis Aqualounge a couple of times. It's a fun place. I haven't tried any of the others yet. But will this Covid thing kill sex clubs for good, or will they return?
  11. D

    What are the best MASKS to buy and wear when visiting MASSAGE PARLORS, SPAS, STRIP CLUBS, ESCORTS ?????

    Just wondering. Are those cheap blue masks good enough to wear when visiting massage parlors? Can I ask the massage ladies to wear transparent masks? So we can see her face. Where can one buy transparent masks? Or should I wear a shield or get those $240 dollars mask.?
  12. cupcrazy

    John Tory Wants All Strip Clubs To Close After More COVID-19 Cases Were Reported @Whitesnake1987 must be please. John Tory should just stfu. He is...
  13. C

    Anybody been back to the Strip Clubs?

    Anybody been back yet? I was at Cafe Atlantis last night for an hour. It was fairly busy but I just couldn't get comfortable. I could feel the covid dancing around me, but it was great seeing some hot chicks with big tits. They also asked for my cellphone and name.
  14. dmarts

    toronto vs. airport clubs?

    I'm not really a strip club guy. I could probably count lifetime strip club visits on 3 hands so I'm looking for some strip club expertise. I've been to Brass Rail twice, Diamond's once, Club Paradise once and Backstage once in the last ~3 years. The quality of women at Brass Rail was...
  15. samboy

    Good Strip Clubs in Houston

    Hey guys, i know that there are lot of Striptease clubs in Houston but any one has specific experience of any of the ones in westheimer area? Pls share the rates also. Thanks Tom Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
  16. The_Breadmaker

    Strip Clubs becoming more hostile?

    I know this is a forum that focuses on massage spas and all, but I'm wondering if any guys here enjoy strip clubs from back in the day or do you still go to them? In comparison, do you find it more dangerous now considering the rare occurrences of shootings that typically happen in the...
  17. D

    Any Strip Clubs worth checking out?

    Maybe just remincing of good ole days, Fantasia, Bunnies, Whiskey, but had good times at strip clubs. Spent one summer at Paradise on bloor, more just hanging out with friends for drinks with some good side entertainment/fun whenever needed. Any good recommendations for a good vibe and a place...
  18. F

    Spas and Clubs in Bangkok

    Hello folks, Help me with the famous ones in the city with respective price guides Need outstanding chicks for fun Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. VFMonger

    Delhi (NCR) | Whatsapp, Indies, SPs, Aunties, Threesome, MPs, Party, Clubs, Bars, Street Scenes

    There isn't any deficiency of indie's action in Delhi. Have just joined the forum. If i'll be given proper responses & returns, can share numerous indies contacts... One of the hi-line indie operating in delhi is Varsha... Charges 6K per shot. She is good what she does.
  20. H

    Clubs pickup joints in navi mumbai

    Navi Mumbai is the new place for clubbing started this thread so that can get help in picking up girls from pubs and discos Sent from my Lenovo P1a42 using Tapatalk