1. A

    Girl for phone sex video call and chat

    If anyone need a real genuine paid girl for sex chat phone sex video call I have a contact had a grt Time with her she is amazing Delhi girl anyone need let me know give my reference get the discount it's also very price frndly
  2. Poontang Fan

    We Chat Home Massage 647-608-6668

    Has anyone seen this lady who advertises her home spa on We Chat?
  3. D

    Chit chat with Live Massage Lady from Hong Kong Spanish Columbia Name: Sadashi Interested in: Everybody From: Colombia, Medellín Languages: English, Spanish Age: 26 years old Body type: Athletic Specifics: Big Ass Ethnicity: Asian Hair: Black Eye color: Brown Social links: Twitter, Instagram, Amazon Wishlist =========
  4. A

    Montreal nude photo group chat heard this on the radio today. Some of the girls are on only fans anyways. You put your photo out there for people to see for sure people are going...
  5. M

    Massage therapists irked at closure while other therapy allowed - CHAT News Today

    But for one Medicine Hat massage therapist, the lack of recognition of the profession has led him to be out of work for the second time this year. Re-tooled this year Spirit of Christmas Feast turns to delivery From best friends to entrepreneurs: Two local women turn creative outlet into...
  6. M

    Le Petit Chat on Eglinton

    I was wondering if anyone has visited Le Petit Chat at 872 Eglinton Ave. E. lepetitchatmassagespa The website doesnt say much, has some pics of people working there, seems to be a mix of ethnicities. I tried to go there once when I was nearby but the door was locked and no one answered.
  7. N

    Bethany - experienced RMT

    My name is Bethany, New to the site but not to the massage world. I’m an experienced RMT Of 4 years. Offering a one of a kind experience. I specialize In motor vehicle accidents, posture correction, over use injuries, and I give a GREAT relaxation massage as well. I take care of myself...
  8. A

    Video chat in corona times

    Hi, Any recommendations on genuine girls for video chat, in India, while i am stuck at home in corona. Thanks in advance. Amit
  9. PhenecEmery

    What’s your preference? (kink chat about best past fetish sessions)

    If you want to help a girl learn some new fun things to do, and don’t mind giving a review in tandem; What was the most fun fetish or kink session you have ever had like? Who was it with? What did you do? Where and when did it happen? I would love to know so I can improve my sessions and...
  10. Happyman

    cuddle and chit chat

    For a change, it is not bad to have a MPA who is good in just cuddle and chit chat. Any recommendations in a legit or semi legit place?
  11. T

    Any luck with chat lines

    Back in the day could be quite easy to find someone on various phone chat lines who were "short on rent" and for $40 - $80 have a good time. When i try these lines they have virtually no callers. Anyone know if any of the lines are more active than the others? They all offer free trials of 60...
  12. M

    Is the Chit Chat application a phishing scam?

    I hate the new Facebook chat update, so I've searched for external applications for chatting and I came across something called Chit Chat. I installed it, and now it's asking for my email and Facebook password so it can log me in and I can begin chatting. Is this a phishing scam...
  13. M

    Any1 knw any web messenger 4 mob? I want 2 chat on facebook without...

    ...downloading any app?help? Plz lyk my page...nd share it plz.. Thanx
  14. J

    Chat Problem in GMod! Help!?

    The chat box is broken in my gmod, it is just blank! I really need it for Trouble in Terrorist Town! Picture: It's not because there is nobody in the server, it wont let me type or anything! It won't show what other people are saying either! It...
  15. Y

    How to edit my Yahoo Chat Settings?

    First off, I got a message from a user I didn't know saying bullshit like "ffAGDKLG 78DEN FDJKJKK762" I closed it down. So how do I look back at my previous messages to block this person? Also, is there a setting where only contacts can chat with you? I just looked at Yahoo help...
  16. C

    Is there any problems with Chit Chat for Facebook?

    I am looking for a good Facebook messenger that I can use on my desktop, seeing how the IM on Facebook itself kinda sucks. I found a site called Chit Chat for Facebook, and I want to know if it is legit, doesnt have any viruses, trojans, worms, ect, and that it doesnt have any problems.
  17. P

    I signed in to check my email but, I want to chat with someone?

    I want to see who is on yahoo messenger but, it will not say available it is showing offline, please help me?
  18. A

    M useing 5230 nokia mobile how can i chat my fb online and ofline friends.?

    Wich app i have to download? same of my friends they be ofline they send me msg. But i cnt able to reply them i have to go back and reply
  19. L

    How can I be invisible on facebook chat?

    I'd like to see who's online without being online myself. I used to use this app: but it seems to have stopped working a couple of months ago. Are there any alternatives? Thank you!
  20. D

    Is there any way to retrieve chat messages/ conversations with friends?

    I know that you can retrieve your facebook profile information if you download it. Is there any way that you can view your conversation history with facebook chat? Thanks.