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    Spa AD Bella is back from vacation

    Bella is back from vacation today. Book with her soon. She will be leaving again on Dec 23.
  2. T

    Review Bella Health Spa in Richmond Hill

    Visited Bella Health Spa in Richmond Hill which has new owners. Was very lucky to meet friendly Julia who has a great Asian body and a very beautiful smile. My massage was fantastic and really did relax some very sore muscles . Enjoyed everything about my experience there and will definitely...
  3. Y

    Review Bella at Ocean Motion (Vaughan) Review

    Originally posted in Ocean Motion's Spa Ad thread on Oct. 28, 2023: My 1st review so be kind: I saw Bella yesterday (Friday) for the first time. She only works at OCM 1day/week on Fridays so I called earlier in the week to book her for an appointment in the AM. I called again when I was on the...
  4. Dotanuki

    Announcement HOT GIRL BELLA WORKING MONDAYS @ 2190 WARDEN FOREVER SPA #201 416-800-7887

    Hot girl Bella is on FIRE!!!! Because she can't accommodate all the guys on Wednesdays, they've given her a Mondays to fit them all in. Hot GIrl Bella has milk white skin, slim thick figure with C/D's. Great massage and service to match, built for sex!!!! She's joined by mainstay Raven...
  5. B

    Spa AD 🌹🌹🌹 NEW OWNERSHIP - Bella Health Centre in Richmond Hill, 10120 Yonge St. 📞437-220-8599

    On Wednesday November 1st Bella Health Centre will have new ownership. The new owner is Julia...she is very well known as Yuki @ La La Land, Vikki @ I&U, Emma @ Ellagance and Abbie @ Lotus. She is one of the friendliest MPAs you will ever meet. The new style will be semi-legit/semi-holistic...
  6. OG_funguy

    Announcement 🌹Bella Health Centre in Richmond Hill will have new ownership on November 1st 📞437-220-8599

    Posting for my friend. I've never been to this spa before even though it's very close to me. The new owners will have a semi-legit/semi-holistic style. I'm looking forward to going there as I know a few of the girls already...🙂 New ownership starts on Wednesday, November 1st
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    Review Bella at Bodytree

    it has been a while since I last seen Bella at Bodytree. Decided to visit her for 30 minute. Wow not sure why I waited so long to repeat. Will worth the money. I thought the bed was going to come apart from all the bouncing
  8. KnightShade

    Review Bella @ QQSquare

    I decided to give this place a try after reading lots of reviews of this place from RyanLion. Came here early to beat any traffic, wanted to keep it low key, I think some of the girls didnt start work yet since i went a bit too early lol. So not alot of line up. As mentioned as soon as you walk...
  9. N

    Review Bella at Bodytree

    Repeated with Bella at Bodytree. Second visit was better than the first. Lots of mutual touching and play. Did things that normally other places charges extra for. She even said she would be open to a duo with Kenzie. Plan to try that next.
  10. Happyman

    Review Bella/ Flirt

    I have not been to Flirt for a while and went back today because I am displeased with the fees imposed by some Asian MPAs. Bella has GND look and her body is much thicker than what was reported on the roster. Have to add a few inches to all the numbers. However, her services were top notch...
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  12. M

    Come see Bella at Bodytree today

    Angela and Bella Will be available Tuesday 3 RMT with many years experiences in the health industry. We use unscented oil and have and Clean shower and clean towels. free parking and back door entrance. We accept cash, debit & credit card for the payments. Massage packages start at 30 min...
  13. M

    Asian Massage Clinic Orange Julept ( Bella Chloé Sélina Cathy)

    Hi We offering professional healing massage ,deep tissue, Therapeutic massage from your body to your spirit. which relieve stress, reduce muscles tension. It is good for neck, shoulder, lower back blood circulation. And also we offer deep body tissue and relaxation massage, I offer insurance...
  14. E


    I'm sensual friendly girl with a lot of passion for men! I know how to please men and make him 100% happy so you will visit me again and again!!! Strong hands but soft! I do deep tissue massage with a lot of teasing I love what I do and it shows with the skills and experience. Open minded...
  15. M

    Full Body Massage Bella and Angela working today

    Angela will be working New RMT Bella will be working Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 3 Female RMT with many years experiences in the health industry. We use unscented oil and have and Clean shower and clean towels. free parking and back door entrance. We accept cash, debit & credit card for the...
  16. M

    Review BELLA @ 4Play Spa

    Building - The building was nice and hidden. Well maintained, However, the size of the room was average for a C-tier spa which means small. What was shocking was the shower. It was on par with Hands from Heaven. They also offered shampoo & conditioner which is a nice touch. Girls - Bella - 7/10...
  17. M

    Holistic therapeutic Bella and Naoimi massage

    Relaxing therapeutic holistic massage 613-261-9225 Bella 44 343-809-2788 Naoimi 19 Come find us in the eastend of ottawa 100 frontier path private Highen condo , free parking access from blair exit 2mins to hwy Showers and discretion avail Please introduce yourself Name ,age background and...
  18. 8

    Bella @ Seduction

    has anyone seen Bella? She's new and photos look good. She also went by Sasha at Muse. Any info appreciated.
  19. W

    Review Bella @ Peony Garden Spa

    Decided to pay this place a visit as I was actually looking for Trina based on all the good things I had read about her and was hoping she would be in. When I got there I was greeted by the owner of the place who had told me that Trina isn’t currently on schedule but she introduced another girl...
  20. F

    Review Bella @Airport Gold

    Had the worst possible experience with Bella. It started off nice with she stripping down at start of the session, and started off with a good massage which may have lasted around ... well 2 mins. On the flip she straight went for the jnr ,oiled up and started her jack hammer assault. It...