1. S

    Question First timer seeking advice

    Hi gents, I'm new to the spa world and I've been doing a lot of research for the past few days. I still have some questions and I'm hoping someone would be willing to help clarify. 1. If I visit a semi-legit place let's say, do I need to do anything in particular proactively (flirting...
  2. W

    Need advice

    I'm very new to this whole things. I'm in my early 20s. I want to ask should I wear condom or not when receiving a BJ.Appreciated for feedback
  3. B


    Hi everyone, I need your advice on what to do in my situation. Im a pretty anxious guy and thought a massage would ease my mind but it ended up furthering my anxiety. No prior sexual history and first time experience. Yesterday, I went to a massage clinic, massage turned into a body slide, I...
  4. E

    Requesting advice on first visit to Nana's for bodyslide and first ever massage

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking on this site for a few days, but after going through some of the most recent posts, I made the decision to create an account in order to start participating and sharing my own experiences. I am extremely interested in a bodyslide, and I understand that Miki/Sarah...
  5. Starbrand

    New To The Experience - Looking for advice

    Hello all, Looking to getting my 1st experience. Looking for suggestions to a place in GTA that is easy and welcoming to a total newbie with fair rates. Not sure how far I want to go but having options for full service would be nice with a good selection of girls. Any help would be welcome
  6. C

    Mississauga Massage need advice

    Hi everyone, I'm coming to Toronto soon and am looking for recommendations for a mobile massage for airport area. It can be male or female. Any advice? Where is the best place to find ads in Toronto for this? Thanks!
  7. D

    Question Small member

    I will cut straight to the point. I have a well below average member and I am curious if it makes sense to even try to have an exotic massage experience. I know my options for enjoying extras are extremely limited but I would like to have an idea as what I can expect from these experiences and...
  8. W

    What you wish you knew

    Hey Lurker about to take first steps into the hobby here(next weekend). I was wondering what you all wish you knew when starting out? The two big ones I've gotten from the threads so far are: Be hygienic, for everyone's sake. BB is risky, best not to. Anything else you'd all recommend? P.S...
  9. V

    Newbie Looking for Recommendations and Advice

    If you only had One Shot with one girl in one Spa, who would it be. Trying to avoid trial and error methods. I have only tried QQ and Pink. So obviously looking for beautiful Asian girl with great attitude and friendly service. Nothing complicated, GFE and full service is fine with me. Prefer...
  10. W

    Question NOOB needing OG advice pls

    Can someone please help this noob and recommend me some good MPAs to try in York region I have just started this “hobby” recently and only been 4 times (Coco @ SL 2x) / (Jessy @ SL) / (Karen @ All Star Relax, WORST session ever LOL) It would be appreciated if u can give me some other ones to...
  11. C

    A little advice…

    I’m going to be visiting a few of the well recommended providers from this site over the next few days. Thanks for all the information posted. I have not been to this type of establishment before, Just to some of the AMPs. can someone let me know what the standard pricing is for normal extras...
  12. D

    How do you keep your ASS super clean, tips and tricks and advice

    Just wondering how do men and women keep their ass super clean to keep fresh? Do you use fancy Shoppers Drug Mart?
  13. J

    Advice for Newbie and Avoiding STD's

    Hello I've been a lurker here for about a year now. I'm in my 50's, separated, and looking to try out the hobby. I'm not rushing to get into anything, perhaps a HJ or a CBJ at this point. I'm primarily interested in asian girls. Not ready for FS, DATY, or DIGITS. I'm also terrified about the...
  14. J

    I really need advice

    Hello Guys, I'm a newbie Here. I really need a relaxing Massage with FS. I never had sensual, Nuru massage, (this kind of massage before.) I'm So stressed nowadays. I like blonde girls more. Ukrainian, Russian. I like club dynasty but they don't have FS. I could not find any place like that...
  15. J

    Good massage that is undraped?

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, and was wondering if anyone knows of a place to get a good massage that is undraped?
  16. 3

    Asking for advice

  17. S

    Seduction Advice

    Looking for some tips for subduction. Never been but going next week to give it a try… Any best tips? Do’s and Don’t? People to avoid? Top prospects?
  18. I

    Question Advice for first timer.

    Been lurking for some time and I have 3 short questions. 1. Whats the best AMP with some extras in downtown for a first timer? Closest to me are Winnie and Kawaii but not sure about others. 2. Are there any big Do's/Dont's? I dont want to be scammed but also don't want to be inconsiderate and...
  19. L

    Question **I NEED ADVICE PLEASE!!!**

    Hey I am a young black dude (in my 20s) really looking at getting into this hobby. I am overall apprehensive because I have some good experience dealing with escorts but most of the experiences have been horrible... Many of them overall dont want to service black guys at all (dont answer your...
  20. M

    Advice | I was his massage therapist but he tried to make it sexual -

    Q: I’m a certified female massage therapist, 36, unable to work in that field since COVID. I’d built a devoted clientele of women and men through house-call appointments. I’ve found other employment but have been troubled recently by a situation that arose four years ago with a man who was a...