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    After the RECENT SPATE of Suicide Bombings in Pakistan, the PPP Government of Pakistan has Tightened Security. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' :haha: :lol...
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    Time to play 3 words

    Hash browns anyone?
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    The Engineer & The Pharmacist

    The Engineer & The Pharmacist it's funny because he had a permanent erection and the women were willing to pay for it :lmao:
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    Wrong picture Lets fight back

    There is a whole slew of those types of ads, Lola, Alisa, Tiny Tina, etc... All at the same location Nelson and Smithe. When I went there there was this old Caucasian dude sitting on the couch with his laptop so I figured he was the pimp/webmaster. Anyways not much there all older Mainland...
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    is now back :smile: - you can find her details on the Reviewont page :cool:
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    A question to the mods...

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    Joining Australia babe soon.

    Welcome to ausbabe Cindi!!!! I hope you have a wonderful time here and all the lads treat you right. Here's to the newest babe! :heres2u: :quickhide: xox :coffee: arbie.
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    sasha spa

    so max bro have you gone for your recce mission yet? :D i think i need to rescue my girls before u get your hands on them :D
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    New Massage shop in district 20

    can i have ctc and location please ? thanks
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    Male Clients- urgent!

    Also didn't get the bit about antiques in the house? Is that some kind of kinky innuendo? Like the want to rub up against your grandfather clock or something?
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    Massage on larger clients

    When I first studied remedial massage, back in the Dark Ages, I was a bit apprehensive about baring my 'nearly all' in front of people I did not know. Thinking back now, I smile, as by day 2 of the practical element, stripping off to underwear became second nature. There were 20 of us in the...
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    Does anybody know the staus of Oceanside

    Hope they open back soon
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    Review: New MId Cities place

    Yeah, I'm surprised it's still open. LE is ruthless in that area. Guess they are looking for legal precedent.
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    Review: Super paranoid!

    Date: Dec 2011 Provider: Lena or lana Phone: 703-920-1521 Email Address: - URL / Website: City: Arlington State: Virginia Address: 3213 Columbia pike Arlington VA 22204 Appointment...
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    Prenatal massage and friend.

    i've heard it both ways from ob/gyn's. i don't know what to think, who to trust, or what research to believe.
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    joelle 450 975-1511 in laval

    she was wearing tight pants with a nice decolter the hj was amazing cant wait to go back and try to get more