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    Chat No offense to some Indian guys but...

    Did you really say nigs smell and, Man where you guys come up with these observations. I tell you one thing that blacks pride themselves on is good hygiene and they love to spend money. another thing having no respect for a woman is not about being black, brown or white, It's all...
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    Amazing Alice at Elite Spa on Silver Star

    I never tried Vanessa, but tried a few of the other ladies there. My choice would be Lisa. Very pretty woman, just have a little tummy, which I don't bother me. Her service is amazing.
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    SPA18 @ 668 Silver Star unit 213

    I believe she quoted $150 plus the room fee.
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    Pickering Angels

    You sad little man. I have no time for your childish behavior.
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    Premier bbfs

    lmfao....Sorry I don't have a response for your dumb ass. Please do me a favor and pick up a book and educate yourself. Because obviously your parents have failed you....Can't stop dying over that nigga comment.
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    I won't book the girl if I see these words in the description

    You funny little man....lmao What I know is that you're an idiot. Below are the links for 2 beautiful black women in the business. Tell me if you see Spanish mix on their profile. I honestly think you're afraid to be with a black woman because of your little It's all good little man...
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    I won't book the girl if I see these words in the description

    Seek help quickly before it's too late...How the fuck do you know what other guys would pay for? Smh
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    North York

    They do, you can expect to pay about $160 which includes the room fee...Was there this week and saw Alice. The room was very clean with a shower. She's actually Vietnamese with a cute little ass and good size rack. Hard to say her age, but would guess...
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    I won't book the girl if I see these words in the description

    If only closed minds came with closed mouths. I think it's pass your bedtime little man.
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    I won't book the girl if I see these words in the description

    Where i come from we don’t judge by looks we judge on what flavour they bring to the table. You might as well join the trash if that’s the best you got.
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    Pickering Angels

    Anyone has any reviews on this fine piece of ass?
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    I won't book the girl if I see these words in the description

    I agree with 1 and disagree with the rest. I don't care about nationality or what she's mix with. Once that ass is fine I'm good to go! However, I doubt you can handle 3 to 4.
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    Pickering Angels

    My guess, I would say early 30's for all 3.
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    Pickering Angels

    Here is a little review on 3 Angels. 1) Kai - Beautiful Dominican & Jamaican mix with some meat on her bones. About 5'7, so if you like a woman with some booty and great legs you will not be disappointed Conversation - was just right, not too much. Massage/Bodyslide - 8.5/10 Hand Game (HJ) -...
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    2 reviews(sort of) - Warden/401 and plaza on Lawrence/Pharmacy

    You should never judge a book by the cover. Although the ladies at Rose Gold wasn't young and up to your standard. I honestly tell you that they give one of the best massage in the business. I've visit this place 2 times on different days, just to get a different girl and I truly enjoyed the...
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    Two Obama boys raped innocent white woman.

    What are you you? A) Stupid B) Ignorant C) All of the Above
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    Nigger stabbing people during Raptors parade caught

    Look at all crimes, not only the ones committed by Blacks if you're so concerned. What is your opinion on the mass shootings in :Edmonton" and "Quebec City mosque"?
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    4681 Hwy 7 - Mimi

    Decided to drop in there after the gym on Saturday. Was going to take Rita, but decided on Baby or is it Babe, very sweet young lady in her early to mid 20's with a nice ass and natural puppies. The massage was ok, but she touched all the right buttons to wake Charlie up...Overall great service...
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    SPA18 @ 668 Silver Star unit 213

    Tried it about 2 weeks ago..Very clean place, typical room fees $40 for 30 min. Had a real cute Japanese girl (Miko), tiny but very pretty with a nice slim figure. The massage was amazing, I give it 9/10. Her riding skills needs some improvement, but over all service and conversation was good...