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  1. PWee

    Some guys need to get a hold of themselves

    That is why this board is useless. Eventually when a thread gets big enough someone comes on here and accuses another of being so-n-so, then drama unfolds. As you said. Predictable. But also Childish and a Waste of time.
  2. PWee


    Hahaha I love how I can't see what Ursus is writing anymore. This ignore feature is ... the best. He reminds me of that crazy person on the train who is just takin to everybody, even though no one really care what he has to say. But occasionally hit a nerve and you start arguing back. Which...
  3. PWee

    Leela, I want you!

    Went by yesterday to see her. She didn't show up for work, and the woman at the desk snail no one heard from her. Just my luck. When I finally get time to see her she is a no show!!! How long must I wait.
  4. PWee

    Leela at Seduction / Vaughn Spa

    Totally agree.
  5. PWee

    Leela at Seduction / Vaughn Spa

    My guess, like with most girls if she genuinely likes you then there will be chemistry. And if there is chemistry... well... there will be a reaction. If there is no reaction then, well. Standard, routine session. I don't blame a girl if she isn't into me. I do get upset at the standard...
  6. PWee

    Lynda Studio 9

  7. PWee

    Seduction Spa

    I don't post here anymore because you've hijacked the site and made it into a drama-fest. I come on here to DM others I've learned to trust and like. Plus I have a life outside of this forum. I can't and won't "drown out" your posts because frankly. I have better things to do. And what...
  8. PWee

    Seduction Spa

    Dude. #dontbeadick. The fact that they post tea pics good/bad is better than going to Google/image search and posting fake images. Jesus, you take an innocent post and create drama ... fuck this board has shitty people.
  9. PWee

    18 year old MPAs

    Lying= paying. Lol ... lying
  10. PWee

    18 year old MPAs

    I hope The spa is lying you for all this good press your doing for them. I know you got me heading there now
  11. PWee


    I wish I could contribute to this thread. But now that there is some activity I will see if I can get out to a spot. I live on this end of town and it would be helpful to have more inte on locations and such.
  12. PWee

    Any help?

    You're a shorty! Bonus for me!!
  13. PWee

    Noob - most polite way to ask about menu?

    For me it's more flirting with what you want. Conversation and mostly reading their body language. Early on or when I am just lazy I've just asked (with some charm of course) if there is anything else she's comfortable with that isn't on the menu. I usually get what they like and don't like...
  14. PWee

    Guys, please remember

    Welcome to the board. Please keep in mind there is a lot of crazy $hit on this board. Racism, bigotry, sexism, and unbridled hubris. But. There are a lot of cool guys I talk to on here in DMs who just want to be safe out there and know a little more about a girl before they dump $200+ On a...
  15. PWee

    Any help?

    Damn. Who's the one in the white? Btw. I like the direct marketing. If I wasn't out of town I would be more than happy to participate.
  16. PWee

    Best table shower

  17. PWee

    Daniella @ Pure Finally

    Holy sweet mother of mercy. I know what I said before about her ... that she wasnt my type .. plis i never trust those airbrushed site pics. But now. after seeing that ! Done. top of list. I just hope I can get a booking.
  18. PWee

    Cassandra back pure my bbbj queen

    I think even when he's taking to himself he isn't alone.