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  1. G Guest:
    Los Angeles
  2. LauraEdmonton @ LauraEdmonton:
    i have an opening at 8pm, please to 587-402-7275:heart5:heart5:heart5
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  4. G Guest:
    Hi there
  5. G Guest:
    Prostate in nyc
  6. Baby Bella @ Baby Bella:
    Amazing good time massages ♥647-262-9889♥11-71 Speers Road, Oakville Ontario :heart3:heart3:heart3
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  8. Baby Bella @ Baby Bella:
    ♥647-262-9889 ♥good Time Massage ♥11-71 Speers Road, Oakville Ontario :heart2:heart2:heart2
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    Anyone in Vancouver
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  11. G Guest:
  12. G Guest:
    Any massage exchange in Kelowna?
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    Anyone know when Jenny off Avenue rd will be back ?
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    Tiny ballsack
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    SAN Francisco
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    Any korean downtown Toronto
  21. G Guest:
    Any korean downtown
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    Small Asian girl any reviews
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    Mavis at flirt finch?
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    Any agency girls at Hot Pink List offer bbfs?
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  1. Sparky28

    Lexi - Seduction Spa

    Planning on visiting tomorrow , what are standard tips for BBBJ and FS.
  2. Sparky28

    Alissa and Kendall @ AGS

    Anyone visit Kendall lately, haven't heard any reviews and she has only been on dayshifts with no weekends which doesn't work with my schedule.
  3. Sparky28

    Alissa and Kendall @ AGS

    Kendall back as well.
  4. Sparky28

    Gigi, Mika, and Helen Atlantis spa reviews

    Saw Mika last week very polite girl , had a 40 minute session and BBBJ . Was very relaxing and she took a big load in her mouth, $50 room fee and i gave her $120.
  5. Sparky28

    Alissa and Kendall @ AGS

    No its not .
  6. Sparky28

    Savana @ Steeles

    Haven't seen this young lady in a while and wondering if anyone has any info about her services.
  7. Sparky28

    Camilla from SRM

    Sexy pics have to check her out at Steeles soon.