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    Los Angeles
  2. LauraEdmonton @ LauraEdmonton:
    i have an opening at 8pm, please to 587-402-7275:heart5:heart5:heart5
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  4. G Guest:
    Hi there
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    Prostate in nyc
  6. Baby Bella @ Baby Bella:
    Amazing good time massages ♥647-262-9889♥11-71 Speers Road, Oakville Ontario :heart3:heart3:heart3
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  8. Baby Bella @ Baby Bella:
    ♥647-262-9889 ♥good Time Massage ♥11-71 Speers Road, Oakville Ontario :heart2:heart2:heart2
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    Anyone in Vancouver
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  11. G Guest:
  12. G Guest:
    Any massage exchange in Kelowna?
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    Anyone know when Jenny off Avenue rd will be back ?
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    Tiny ballsack
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    SAN Francisco
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    Any korean downtown Toronto
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    Any korean downtown
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    Small Asian girl any reviews
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    Mavis at flirt finch?
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    Any agency girls at Hot Pink List offer bbfs?
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    Musical Toilet

    ^ And who on earth would do that :lol:
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    Aven View HC

    Bro Nortap, more details on Hazel and Cecilia leh. Plan to go down this week to give ang pao. Which one to give?
  3. M

    Not so strong tonight, eh Batman!

    There was a guy in a bar one night that got really drunk. I mean really, really, really drunk. When the bar closed he got up to go home. As he stumbled out the door, he saw a nun walking on the sidewalk. So he stumbled over to the nun and punched her in the face. Well the nun was really...
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    Terrible Cough!!!!!

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  5. M

    Jack and Bob

    Yes.........Gud 1 ! :hilarious:
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    Midtown Fuji Spa

    Never really goto too many spas but I decided to give it a shot here after all the thai slide reviews. Sadly I went Thurs? and apparently she had already left so I was like whomever is fine. I got Coco. She's just arrived from Beijing the other day apparently and had barely gotten settled in...
  7. M

    Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    This mix-up has occurred multiple times, probably because of the title of the thread. The other thread is entitled properly (Mermaid Massage 5253 Decarie #501 (514) 487-7979). Here is my suggestion: MODS: Please rename this thread to: "Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463"
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    Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    Totally agree with you. I also have an excellent session with Maxim. Recommend her to anyone who like good looking girl with great attitude. And she also gives a good massage.
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    Spa experience with an angel face. pic include

    hi bro ROSS, pls gimme her ctc, thanks.
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    Review: Pair of Aces, No FeFe,2fer

    Date: 1/28/12 Provider: Jennifer Phone: 713-822-6086 Email Address: - URL / Website: - City: Houston State: Texas Address: 9777 Harwin Appointment Type: Spa Activities: HJ,CBJ,CFS,FIV,Daty,Dato ++ Session Length: 1 Hour Fee: $50 Hair Length and Color...
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    Hiyako Spa (Midtown West) **NEW**

    Actually I believe the pic is of the spa when it was at the 30's location last year...
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    Review: Leon spa Kimmy ripoff artist

    she sure is...Kimmy at VIP I mean
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    TMJ - ear - fascia connection

    TMJ - ear - fascia connection I'm with you, Pueppi. Slow and thorough. I've found positional release techniques very helpful for the pterygoids and submandibular muscles, too. An added bonus is that I don't have to glove up for intraoral work. It blends right in to the rest of the session's flow.
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    Headed to Rio?????

    How much do these cost? Smoking hot!
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    Bar Fine prices Patong

    The BFs range from B200 to B1000. The girls get B1000 to B4000.
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    Your preference???

    Have been doing a good bit of research and am looking for some help deciding... Have three places and would like suggestions as I am only in the Big D one more evening. The following are at the top of my to-do list: Ashli - Cleopatra Paula or Sugar - Jade/Hawaii Cindy - 7th Heaven Your...
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    Bars in Phuket Town ?

    Was out in Phuket Town this evening. Michael's was open, but I didn't look in, so I don't know how busy it was. I think they only open in the evenings. Roxy's had a few customers, but it looked like a quiet evening there. O'Malley's had reasonable crowd, which was good to see. Down the road...
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    FFF Eval needed

    FFF, I hope you don't consider this question too much but I for one would like your opinion! Who is worth their Kilos in Baht for Boom? I know you have had a fine sample of the goods. Then we can put this most important lesson to the youth and inexperienced behind us. I do hope that...
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    Big bust in zona norte

    Was thinking about making a run within the next couple of days. Anyone on the front lines know what the chica situation is (SG and BG). The bust along with this being a holiday week I would think it could be slow this week.
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    'Little Fockers' tops holiday box office

    "Little Fockers," the third installment of the Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro in-law comedy series, topped the holiday box office with $30.8 million over the weekend. Has anybody seen it yet?