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    Making small talk w/the girls?

    After reading a few of the reviews recently, got me to thinking about one question I'm always asked. Now I think I'm fortunate for having decent looks for my age, and the few times I've visited the amps, (and many indies also) I am always asked during the small talk prior and during the fun is...
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    Inguinal Lymph drainage

    I am familiar with the basic LTD subclavian lymph drainage technique.. how in the world would you do an inguinal region massage without getting "too" personal?  :-[
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    Felicity at Star!

    Hello All! Had some free time this morning and thought I'd see who was available at Star. Usually Gina is in, but wasn't today Was surprised to hear that Felicity was though, as she doesn't seem to be working much lately. Called to make an appt with her and hopped on the 401. Got there...
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    Hanna @ SRM?

    Is this the same Hanna from a couple years back (pics are familiar)?? If so. . . .my dreams have been answered!!! E
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    Where do all the hot MPA's hang out in their spare time?.....

    Threads like this and where do MPA's workout, do they have boyfriends,etc,need to stop. I doubt the MPA's who read this board like when guys ask questions about their personal lives. Try and keep it to what goes on with them within the spa.
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    The Lone Ranger get caught!!!

    The bad guys have captured the Lone Ranger, have him naked on the ground, and are about to shoot him. "Do you have any last wishes??", one of them asks. "Bring my horse, Silver, over here.", the Long Ranger replies. They grant his wish and over comes Silver. The Lone Ranger whispers for a...