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    Tales of a Tiny K-Town AMP

    Several new girls here - Shirley and Mary, both maybe a bit younger than some of the prior ladies and certainly more attractive. Watch out - there may be two "Shirleys" - one old, one younger. Still nobody young or hot but a slight improvement in looks. Not clear what sort of mileage may be...
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    Clinique Sant矅xcellente 1440 Cote Vertu ville Saint Laurent (514) 832-0888

    Clinique Sant yes! for some time now they all seem to massage very good, and the perks are excellent as well
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    Answer & Ask A Random Question

    Answer & Ask A Random Question yes when I am cycling for more than 50 kms can you give me a hug?
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    Body Slide

    I agree, that was HOT AS HELL! I'm going to make a point to learn how to do that! oh, for the clients benifit, not mine, of course. Yeah right!
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    camping mats for thai massage???

    This thread has now been moved to the Massage Forum. Thank you, RP. Holistic
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    Prolapsed disc

    My disagreement is with your statement, Quote: (World's best spine surgeons are indeed orthopedic.) I feel that this may mis-lead some fellow back pain sufferers and cause them to reduce their area of research by discounting Spinal Surgeons from a Neurosurgical background. I also have reasons...
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    Maryline comble tout vos d販res

    Maryline comble tout vos d she greets in a private place, super clean shower availible in yhe east end
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    Whackiest Sex Experiences

    click on edit button and delete
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    numbuss in it band,quads

    Cross fiber friction, kneading from tensor fascia latae to the ankle, loosening of the attachments at the greater trochanter and ischial tuberosity are just a few of the things that popped into my mind when I read this post..... Lots of times the strain from long term standing, especially...
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    Tiffany is back at Seventh Heaven

    Tiffany is always a good time and good convo, exotic look, smoking hot body and large mm's, well worth the visit.
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    Review: Why Kelly is So Good

    I always said she's great and acomidating...
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    Review: Good Time Spa

    Good review, but you forgot one thing on your list of negatives: This place is a shithole.
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    Do you feel bad when this happens?

    @DDog: No, Holly probably wasn't kidding.
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    Making small talk w/the girls?

    After reading a few of the reviews recently, got me to thinking about one question I'm always asked. Now I think I'm fortunate for having decent looks for my age, and the few times I've visited the amps, (and many indies also) I am always asked during the small talk prior and during the fun is...
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    Where can a student find out about massage products?

    Because merlescuz pointed out that this appears to be a marketing ploy, Ive removed any reference of my company name. I really am trying to practice due diligence in doing some research before I make this big decision. thanks for pointing that out Merlescuz... (I have since gone back...
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    Inguinal Lymph drainage

    I am familiar with the basic LTD subclavian lymph drainage technique.. how in the world would you do an inguinal region massage without getting "too" personal?  :-[
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    Nice Lady @

    You posted the wrong link
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    Need some help from you boys out there

    hello blixten and jele just a photo from the captain kirk bar
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    Last nights incident in Soi Tiger

    There are violence in thailand even if no BM have seen it. I think i have read some post here where BM warns other BMs and newbies to walk on Patong beach alone at night!! If Patong is so save why do we warn people about certain places? 1-2 month ago a Dane living in thailand was beaten to...
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    Is there shame among hobbiests?

    take a photo of his car and use it in your next performance review! Ah the good old days, our "ringleader" moved on from Hooters, probably got bored with the talent there. obviously the girls try to prevent the "assidental encounter", i find it amusing when they peek out the door to see...