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    Pehli Nazar copied from korean song

    man atif aslam was a gr8 singer wat is dis????????
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    (TOFTT) Konsing Spa (East 38th Street)

    They advertise under that phone # like crazy in the escort section of nyc bp. The ads don't mention the name of the place. Fantasia is closer to me, but this place sounds like another good option.
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    Damned experience at Lotus (Jalan Sultan)

    And AV pls pay more visits to this fuck shops, which tanish the images of Singapore... imagine tourist is to go in.... that would be damned... don't go lotus! :mad: Forget it lah.. Take it a lesson learn. Still got a lot more good shops around
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    2 Spa- 1 location: Gorgeous girls

    location pls pm
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    Geisha Friend/DreamGirlNYC

    This has got to be one of the worst Photoshop jobs, but still, this one looks kinda cute? Anyone seen her yet?
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    Belfast Masseuse ??

    I am in Belfast this weekend so would appreciate any feedback also. Please forward details. Thanks
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    Enthusiastic MSOG ?

    I am ISO of an MP lady who enthusiastically encourages a SOG ? Prefered if she seeks mutual satisfaction. Richmond, S.Bby, New West or Surrey preferred. Helen at RC is Surrey is one. Any other suggestions is appreciated. PM is fine if you don't want to post your hidden gem ? Lefty
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    Review: (Colombia) Valentina

    Date: 11.7.11 Name: Valentina Contact Info: 321 301 97 92 URL / Website: General Area: Chico Norte, Bogota, my hotel Activities: shower, cg, mish, k9, shrimping...
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    E4A..."The U.N. of Pussy"

    E4A..."The U.N. of Pussy" Been meaning to leave reviews for a while, so here they are. Sorry if I'm vague but it's been a few months. Eri - Saw her several months ago on Will's recommendation that she's the best masseuse. Our schedules didn't align for a few weeks and after I finally got in I...
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    numbness in hand during massage?

    numbness in hand during massage? Yes symptoms are unpredictable, im just glad She has sensation returning now. Quite frightening How quickly they can develop. Thanks for your response, Iris.
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    MadeInRussia4U2 (6462342794)

    Timing is everything and I didn't have it today. It's not a bad thing but we all have that new pussy syndrome and would like to lie to themselves about the new thing they had. I have seen Olga before, Pudgy and I have a battle of words regarding her big tits. He said they were store bought and I...
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    Rev: Aida – Shanghai Health Enhancement AMP (Surrey) : July 12, 2006

    Rev: Aida A pooning contest with you Quarter Mile'r? I'm going to assume based on your handle that you're fast off the line so no thanks to the contest...:D Besides I wasn't aware of a new MP in Abbotsford. What's the name and where is it located?
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    Access Jouvance (4830 montee St-Hubert

    Hey guys, I'm new to this board but not new to the south shore mp's. Here's my two cents. I've been to Acces Jouvance 7 times so far. So here are the reviews. Melodie (3 times) : The description of her in an above post is good. She's a student of the hotel industry. She loves to talk...
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    Review: Nail place on Westheimer

    Linda may not always be truthful, and she may be getting close to collecting a pension from Makeover, but I still like her. I've never had any service issues with her whatsoever. A lot of years in the business to me equals a woman who is good at what she does. I'm sure it is my own fault, but...
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    Review: Lunchtime with Apple at VIP

    this is for "other" reviews...
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    Review: Shawna

    Sorry that happened to you... I have been there several times, not a single bad experience. In fact I was there this last Saturday with Jay. Good session, I will post a review soon.
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    Not Sure what to do

    I agree, when the time is right it will come. I started my Reiki journey 5+ years ago with a friend who had gotten his Reiki Mastership. He was supposed to train me, but things just kept getting in the, time, then he got married and had kids and his life got busier and busier. I...
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    Beer Bar Staff

    Its a tad different for expats and regulars compared to tourists, a guy known in a bar will have a lot less hassle, and the word No still works, just say no if you dont want.
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    Neighbor keeps referring hard-luck cases! Grr.

    Neighbor keeps referring hard-luck cases! Grr. I think a referral program for people who say they can't afford it is a good idea.