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  1. triggered2nite

    First Time Etiquettes

    What's "proper" etiquette when seeing an MPA for the first time, in general? For example, she opens the door and you move in close and stroke her tush
  2. triggered2nite

    Question Zoya/Zoia/Zara from Pure

    What's up with this girl? Within the last week she’s changed her name from Zoya to Zoia to Zara. Is there trouble associated with her?
  3. triggered2nite

    Review Emily @ Seduction Airport tonight

    Went to see Emily tonight after everyone's grand comments about her. I totally understand what everyone's been saying lol If anyone’s unsure about Emily currently: As everyone knows: she’s beautiful with soft lips and skin, and is clean with a lovely scent. Great body, great ass, great face...
  4. triggered2nite

    Chat MPAs as GFs

    It seems a few guys here have taken some MPAs as dates or GFs or more previously. I’m curious why you did and how did any of that talk start out. I know there are some guys here who have a negative view on some of these girls, so we don’t need to get into that. Let’s get into the connection...
  5. triggered2nite

    Zoya @ Pure?

    Does anyone know much on Zoya from Pure? If not I’ll check her out but would appreciate any info
  6. triggered2nite

    Question Alphacare

    Does anyone at Alphacare do fs and dfk? I’m specifically looking at Layla (title) All other reviews are pretty old. I can’t go for the next while but I’m making my list
  7. triggered2nite

    Review Elite Masajes in Sevilla

    Nothing for Spain? Maybe I can jumpstart something. I was in Sevilla pre-covid and visited Elite Masajes. I went twice but unfortunately both MPAs are no longer there. However, the rooms are large and have beds, with nice showers and a toilet, with the added benefits of cologne and whatnot for...
  8. triggered2nite

    Sofia / Seduction

    I finally visited Sofia from Seduction, 45min session ($180). Absolutely gorgeous; her photos don't do her justice. Thin and fit and elegant. (She's a part-time model.) She has a navel piercing, nice large tat on her leg which added to her style. She's got innocnet eyes and a sexy smile. Simple...