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    Lena - Russian

    If only there were a virus that could kill this thread. But if there is one takeaway from this discourse, it is that Spex is a transgender reptilian and took the hate speech against his species far to personally! Either that, or just a lesson to providers that it is just as important to stroke...
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    Switch for the finish

    I think I know where you were as I had the same experience. It was odd as the first girl did some intimate touching. In the end I was quite happy as the second girl went much further than I would have thought. The next visit, which was today, I just booked the "finisher"!
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    My top choices

    And what did I type that was so wrong? Pointing out that starting a rumour about a known establishment, based on suspicion, is wrong? I will call out anyone who acts irresponsibly, no matter their feelings of self importance. Therefore kind sir, it is I who acted as the white knight! And please...
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    Changes at Xoaping

    All of this started with one persons speculation! This is how rumours start and somehow turn to fact. Please get facts before spreading your speculation.
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    Atlanta shooting

    We don't have to speculate on you sir....your words speak for themselves....racist.
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    Meridian Massage /JJ Massage

    I texted to book a massage last week. They replied that Ava, lily, cici, and cherry were available. I booked Ava for 60 mins. Was led to the room and Ava came in and she seemed very nice and attractive. At about the 30min point, which was around noon, I could here a few customers enter. She...
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    I just noticed that Lena's add is up again. I haven't seen her before and was curious if anyone has seen her lately, and has an update on services etc? PM is okay...thx.
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    Strathcona Spa & Foot Massage

    This is for Strathcona and i'm 95% sure she said her name is Yumi or something very close. She's only been in Edmonton a week or so and very nice and "bubbly" personality. I would guess late 20's. As per my taste, I thought she was very pretty and looked really great in her tights. Hope this...
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    Strathcona Spa & Foot Massage

    I tried booking a massage with Cindy this week, but she was on holidays. I decided to book with the new girl, Yumi (not 100% sure of spelling). She is fairly new to the industry. She's very enthusiastic, energetic, and puts allot of effort into her massage. Since she's fairly new, she really...
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    Strathcona Spa & Foot Massage

    I agree with you Massage Me Good, I have seen Cindy a couple of times now and the backwalking and stretching was fantastic. I have been to Nini, and while she is good, I found this to be the best I've had to date. I went in quite sore with tight muscles, and left feeling completely refreshed...
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    Laura's thread is here for those posting on Aniah's thread. And yes, Laura is good too!
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    Aniah from Montreal

    Laura has her own thread. Not sure why reviews of Aniah have to turn into negative comments about Laura?
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    Wow...again! I just saw Laura again yesterday morning and thankful I did! This is my second visit of many more to come. Her massage is even better than the first visit and she has such a unique blend of sexiness and class. I love her beautiful accent and nice touch (which wandered to more...
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    Hi Jonjon, i just meant i tipped over and above the price agreed and she gave me back that...

    Hi Jonjon, i just meant i tipped over and above the price agreed and she gave me back that portion. I did enjoy my massage and recommend her. She's easy going. Please treat her well...very nice lady. Regards Expall
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    I've had the pleasure of seeing Laura a couple of times and will be booking again very soon. Beautiful lady and a super attitude and personality. Massage was very good and eliminated all my sore parts. I don't find the parking to be an issue, especially after 6 or on weekends. Your missing...
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    Hello, i was hoping you could let me know some details about the girls at Rosewater massage...

    Hello, i was hoping you could let me know some details about the girls at Rosewater massage. Its close to work...would gou recommend any one that offers extras and is good looking? Thx