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  1. Ursus

    I didn't want to post anymore, but this is too important

    I didn't want to post anymore, but this is too important not to share. Danish soccer player collapses on the field during his first game back after getting 'vaccinated'...
  2. Ursus

    Chat Trump says Biden won't finish his term

    This is interesting news. Trump suggests Biden won't finish his term. Alex Jones is the smartest man on earth.
  3. Ursus

    Chat 4th Covid Wave already being announced

    Government already prepping the public for more vaccines and more 'outbreaks'. That means rules, rules, and less freedom - all by design. Listen to the doctor speak. Listen to how on point he is, hitting all his talking points in succession. Easy to tell he rehearsed his response very well. He...
  4. Ursus

    Alameda county 'alters' Covid death count by 25%

    When people lie and then are caught in their lie, they will adjust their lie but still not give you the truth. This is likely the way Alameda county has 'adjusted' their Covid death toll, reducing the number by 25%. In reality, the number should probably be reduced by more than 25%, but...
  5. Ursus

    Vaccine to remotely control your brain through mangetic communication

    The vaccine allows the government to control your brain and your actions. Google Dr. Pierre Gilbert, a Canadian doctor who warns about magnetic control through vaccination.
  6. Ursus

    Major NEW CRISIS in the plans

    As more of the ruling class get exposed and accused of wrongdoing in regards to the fake Covid lockdown, expect a man-made, psy-op event similar to 9-11 etc. I can't accurately predict what will happen, but the Communists need a diversion and they will strike soon. Get ready. Buy your canned...
  7. Ursus

    Racism forces 4 black males to kill white uber driver I feel bad for these 4 black men. Racism made them do it. It's not their fault.
  8. Ursus

    Vice President of Oracle dies just days after getting 2nd vaccine

    Oracle VP took first 'vaccine' at the end of March. One or two months later, he got his second 'vaccine'. A day or two after his second 'vaccine' he received, he died. The 'official' narrative is that Covid killed him. Of course, just like Hank Aaron, it could not have been the vaccine...
  9. Ursus

    Black man protests against racism

    Don't blame this black guy for randomly beating a white woman at a gas station. White supremacy made him do it. It's the white man's fault. If you are white and your wife gets beaten in the same manner, then its your fault for being white and oppressive towards blacks...
  10. Ursus

    Villagers in India attack Communists trying to Jab them

    The Communists tried to 'vaccinate' some Indian villagers. The villagers said a big FUCK YOU to the Communists and beat them out.
  11. Ursus

    Don't pull a gun on the police

    Another Minnesota black man was shot and killed by police, after pulling a gun against officers. Lesson #1 - When the police are trying to arrest you, don't resist. You aren't going to win. Your best chance is in court, not on the streets. The police are the biggest, most well-funded gang in...
  12. Ursus

    Jagmeet Singh gets caught not following Covid restrictions

    Another Canadian politician gets caught not following his own lockdown rules. If he really believed there is a deadly virus circulating, he would never have gotten into a car, without a mask, and sat with someone who is not a member of his household. He's 'sorry' though, so that makes it...
  13. Ursus

    I am dead serious - the race war is coming

    The race war is coming. In 20 years time, these kids will grow up and become decision makers. They will target whites and just like in South Africa, the non-whites will start exterminating the whites.
  14. Ursus

    NIH Director admits Wuhan theory is true

    NIH Director admits the Wuhan 'conspiracy' theory isn't just a theory.
  15. Ursus

    Alex Jones predicted this lockdown 11 years ago
  16. Ursus

    Denmark blocks anti-lockdown information from reaching its people

    Denmark has banned Bitchute for providing 'misinformation' to its people. Communism 101 - control the flow of information you don't like.
  17. Ursus

    Dr. Fauci doesn't recommend masks to protect from Covid

    On Feb 5, 2020, Dr Fauci responded to an email from Syvlia Burwell. Dr. Fauci, point blank, said he does not recommend wearing a mask you buy at the drug store to protect against Covid. “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small...
  18. Ursus

    White people made them do it

    Joe Biden said White Supremacy is America's greatest threat. Black people at a Water Park say: Hold my beer.
  19. Ursus

    Fauci can't be bothered to read warnings about the Covid vaccine

    “Too long for me to read,” Fauci wrote in response to an email from Dr. Erik Nilsen, a published PhD physicist and CEO of neuroscience research company Bio-Signal. Dr. Erik Nilsen sent him warnings and information about the dangers of the Covid vaccine, but Fauci refused to read it and claimed...
  20. Ursus

    All women are Evil

    This is a beautiful conversation: