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    Reply ONLY with a question

    Wasn't the guy an orchestral musician and didn't he play first bass?
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    Who is the baddest man on the planet these days?

    That's not bad, but top THIS: A British rider had to use both hands to pick her head up off the ground and jump out of the way after she fell off her horse and broke her neck.
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    Kitty from CL Therapeutic (1113)

    good info corp. did you see any other gals there?
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    Centre de la Sant窠1965, Ontario East 598-5608

    Centre de la Sant Hi Guys wonder if Yanna/Cathy is the hsame lady as yanna at Eves garden's let me know she seems tempting
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    Favourite Pornstar

    I know she is not doing movies anymore, but my fave is Stacey Valentine, mmmmmm :)
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    Chicken wing battle at beer festival

    The big fat white chick in the front?
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    Sad news: body identified as young escort

    Very sad news and scary. She was a beautiful girl judging by her facebook photo.
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    PMC 5100 De La Savane 514-738-9669

    Sounds cool. How much?
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    Bidding for the New Ausbabes

    So, NikkiVIP is taunting us with the Arizona & Gloria soon to be appearing on the Aus Babes website. How can we put in a bidding system to see whom can be the first to experience them on their first day????
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    Review: Jennifer @ Cleopatra

    She is a cute girl, saw her one day while seeing angel
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    Review: Absolute Perfection with Sasha at Studio Serene

    Sounds like fun. Hopefully I get a day off from work to see her soon.
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    NYC advice

    Looks like you can see Coco at asianparadisenyc.
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    Review: Decent time with CoCo

    Date: 3/26/2011 Provider: CoCo Phone: 5128209797 Email Address: URL / Website: - City: Austin State: Texas Address: Breaker/IH-35 Appointment Type: Incall Activities: Massage, Digits, CBJ, CFS, Doggie...
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    Drop a Letter and Add a New One!

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    Review: Dream tea spa

    Thanks for review, I was gonna go in there today until I saw your post.. Does girls that overwork cause the stank??
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    Welcome homeless SPs

    Everyone is blaiming L4F for all this turmoil, but how about Scorp himself. He helped perpetuate this ruse on all the members (except for a few of us - let me break my arm trying to pat myself on the back). Letting L4F control the board while he was gone, was wrong. At least half the drama...
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    Report on vivamex

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    Review: Priscilla @ La Femme another ATF

    I know just what you are saying about her. Priscilla is proof that GFE is not about what she does or doesn't do, but rather how she makes you feel. And I've never felt more pampered in the hobby than those heavenly times with this adorable, sweet goddess. Thanks for the great review.
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    Unwinding + deep tissue contacts? + how to avoid unwinding?

    :smt041 YAY!! Well put! I find the best CST sessions are the ones where I can truly get out of the way and just be a 'curious observer' to the process. If I can stay completely neutral/grounded throughout an entire session, wonderful things can happen in that space.
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    Anyone know her?

    My money is on LaToya Jackson, sister of that god damn muppet Michael. Am I right ?