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    Christmas Challenge

    With the Parlors closed for Covid I have saved more than a few dollars of late. I know a family with two young children who lost their father last year. This summer the mother lost her job basically due to Covid. They live in a very modest two bedroom apartment. This morning I got up extra...
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    barber shops and salons will close in Toronto and Peel as of Monday, Nov. 23

    Does that include massage parlours? - better get out there this weekend it could all be over again soon
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    Covid cases- Paradise

    Ouch - it can spread so easy in this environment
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    LA Spa 2248 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough

    Went there recently and was with a Spanish girl (mexican). She was good looking and in her late 20s. slim with small perky A cups with nice dark nipples. Beautiful looking ass and a yummy shaved pussy. Best part was a nice clit hat stood out and loved to be pet. Massage was soft and ok -...
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    New Doorbell

    I bought a new doorbell and installed it. It is just a cheap one with a two tone ring. The problem is that is has the same ring that my favourite spa uses everytime someone opens the door. Now everytime someone rings my doorbell i got a huge boner. I call it my Pavlov boner.
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    Why do MPA argue when you do not want to stay

    I went to an Asian spa today that I never went to before. The spa was bland but the attendant was old chubby and not attractive. So I told her maybe another time to be nice. She drops the door fee from $40 to $25 but still not worth it. Then she start asking why not, why don't I want to...
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    Will Massage parlors be the safest place?

    think about this before you post and tell me how wrong I am. After they open for a couple of months, or for a girl who has been working the entire time, chances are the MPA has been exposed to the virus given the inherent lack of social distancing. So she has been exposed, got sick or showed...
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    Is this the spark to get the fire going again? Hair salons and barbershops are reopening — but your visit won’t be the same Will this signal an opening of other services
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    Announcement Been off work too long

    I think I have been off work too long - even porn is starting to bore me. I fell like I have seen it all (not into illegal shit)
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    Covid19 - One Spa

    Think about this.... One MPA at One Spa is infected, in one day she infects 10 customers and the other 2 MPAs - Total 13 the next day the 3 MPAs go work at different spas they each infect 10 customers and 2 MPAs - Total infected 30 customers and 9 MPAs plus the 10 customers from day 1 = 49...
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    Corona Virus side effects

    I have not been to a spa in over three weeks - the side effects are a bulging wallet and bank account and more free time. the question is what to spend my new found windfall on.
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    Wuhan deadly coronavirus - Asian Spas

    is anyone concerned??? I will be staying clear for the next while.
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    SASA - Water Lily Spa - Sheppard just east of Midland

    I stopped going here because the ladies were not my cup of tea. I was in the mall and saw a lady I liked going in. so I followed about 5 minutes later and Met SASA. I would say she is low to mid thirties and thin. We agreed on a nude reverse for $40 plus $40. Massage was ok - some good...
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    Review Lily (Lili) @ Q Spa - Sheppard east of Brimley (Mondays and Tuesdays)

    Nice looking girl with slim body. Lovely small firm breasts and ass. Gave an OK massage but a wonderful tease. then the flip, she got undressed and exposed her wonderful body. she gave more tease and nice slow start. her body was so hot to touch. Very good HJ - no rush and nice mix up of...
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    Review The ONE Spa @#202, 1315 Lawrence Ave. East- -Review of JJ

    Went by today - first time to this spa - was looking forward as I heard good things about JJ -She has a nice body, face is starting to age. Massage was crap - no oil, poor technique, little to no tease. HJ - was Jack hammer - Kept asking her to slow down - but it was very mechanical -- poor...
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    Any MPAs Dessing up in seasonal sexy outfits?

    Let me know if any MPAs are dressing up in sexy outfits this year. Elf, Mrs clause - anything Christmas . I think it would be so sexy to be greeted by a sexy elf
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    How to lose your repeat customers

    I've been going to Q spa at 4465 Sheppard for a few months pretty regular. Last week I went and gave the girl my usual Room fee and tip for a 1/2 hour nude reverse HJ. After the massage she takes her top off and I went a take off the panties she says not this time I have my period. So I...
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    2 for 1 door fee - buy one happy ending get 1 free. 50% off full service to first 20 customers! - I would love to see some specials posted
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    Looking for an MPA who is dressing up for Halloween

    I am looking for an MPA who will start the session wearing a costume. Can be anything:slutty nurse; cat; devil - as long as she is sexy Prefer Scarborough Anyone know of any?