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  1. Bob the Knob

    Prostate massage update

    So who gives good prostate ass play tease lately. Been a while and looking for a lady that is good at it Thanks
  2. Bob the Knob

    Molly Nuru

    Every so often I see an ad on LL for Molly offering Nuru says 28 4'11 under 100 lbs $200 for an Hr Was wondering if any one has seen her and how did it go. I may try her out and get back with a review
  3. Bob the Knob

    Ultimate Father's Day gift

    Would love to book a sweet lady that would complete my massage with a nice Bj. Reviewing ads and previous reviews for this special gift😜😛😬
  4. Bob the Knob

    Amanda - advertised on kijiji

    So with lack of Rmt's during this virus shut down, I decided to contact Amanda who was advertising on Kijiji. She replied and a session was booked. I went after confirming our time and arrived a bit early, just to case the area out a bit. The time came around so I text to be sure everything...
  5. Bob the Knob

    Emma Meridian - her own thread

    Saw Emma and rather than mix this in with other Meridian reviews figured I start one specific to her. Upon arriving at Meridian I was Greeted by a young female receptionist. A bit of concern as she appeared to be early teen which I found unusual considering the various services offered in many...
  6. Bob the Knob

    Outcall massage

    So I was texting back and forth with a Kijiji ad, Asian massage, travel to home or hotel. I asked what was available and never got an answer, but she did confirm we would both be satisfied if I had at least $150, for an Hr of her time. My question is, have any of you tried any outcall massage...
  7. Bob the Knob

    Bbbj where are' thou?

    There was a time when you could find a sassy RMT lady who included a bbbj with her massage. Been a long time since I have enjoyed that pleasure. I have rec'd some other adult pleasures, but that service seems lost. I realize ymmv, or is it just one thing the ladies avoid now?
  8. Bob the Knob

    What makes Aniah so desireable?

    I have been reading the great revies on Aniah about how wonderful she is. What is it about her that makes her rise to the top? Looks, hot body, services? Is there somone comparible that would help me get a better idea? i am in no way trying to make her look bad. We have all had our own...
  9. Bob the Knob

    Robin M.I.A.

    Can't seem to find her ad up. Am I missing something, or has she gone somewhere?
  10. Bob the Knob

    Crystal at Rosewater

    Had a visit with Crystal. Everything went happily along. But ever since I have been trying to figure out where I have seen her before. Just curious. Anybody seen her working elsewhere? Thanks
  11. Bob the Knob

    As Fall is soon to come, the Stars settle in

    I have been watching the reviews and it appears as though the Star Ladies have aligned for the upcoming Fall season. No new surprise talent has popped up, but we have a great selection of awesome ladies to keep us full of enjoyment. In no particular order, here are some solid choices we have...
  12. Bob the Knob

    Did I see a mention of Lilly - once at Song Blossom

    I saw her a couple of times. Always enjoyed her. Reminded me a bit of Vivian when she wore her summer dresses. I thought I saw a mention that she has resurfaced. Anyone know of her whereabouts, please message me. Thanks
  13. Bob the Knob

    Little Bob's reward

    As mentioned in the Sugar Baby thread, I took Little Bob out for a nice treat tonight after what he endured last night. Called NANA'S and booked Candy who I hadn't seen in almost a year. She recognized me, took my hand and led me to a room. Soft massage was requested and delivered. Half way...
  14. Bob the Knob

    Sugar Baby Chronicles

    so I signed up. Paid the extra fee so I can get more details. First impression, a teenage dating site/scam Played around a couple days with replies etc, asking what was in it for both. Most replies were vague. Money, gifts trips and such, but most ladies were late teens. That doesn't work for...
  15. Bob the Knob

    Need a little help finding....

    I have been lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting a pretty little Asian lady who I have been seeing since Oct 2017. Sadly all good things must end and she is moving back home next week. I am hoping to find a new Asian friend, who truly loves and enjoys having sex. An open mind is also a...
  16. Bob the Knob

    Merry Christmas to all

    Just a quick wish to all. May you be healthy, happy and horny throughout the holiday season and all of 2019. Be kind to everyone and make new friends. Bob
  17. Bob the Knob

    Mandy at Nana's

    Mandy was a pleasant surprise. Did a walk in, she answered the door and off we went. I opted for relaxation massage and her warm hands took over. No real Theraputic massage, but she did relax me. Don't ask age. All I will say is not in her 20ies, maybe in her 30ies and possibly in her 40ies...
  18. Bob the Knob

    Lulu at Nana's

    Met Lulu. Nice massage, decent lady, slim, friendly. I'd see her again.
  19. Bob the Knob

    Winnie Number 1 Spa

    Does anyone know when Winnie is back? Kinda miss her.
  20. Bob the Knob

    Did you know?

    If you look back on the oldest reviews on Planet massage, I can verify that this site was affiliated with CAF. Posts of Zoe, for example, came from CAF and were copied over to this site. Names associated to the reviews were edited. How do I know? Because as a regular client of Zoe, I wrote many...