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    Thanks for that
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    Are they legal ? (>18) -Sedula check-

    Are they legal ? (>18) -Sedula check- Not all hotels check cedulas, and even less record the names. Many just glance over the ID. It's YOUR responsibility to make sure that the girk you are with is legal. Statutory rape is a strict liability offense, meaning that it doesn't matter if you...
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    Rude Joke

    I understood the joke and eww I'd hate to experience a BJ like that, not lovely! :throwup:
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    Were you pleased to hear that Mr Global Warming, Al Gore isn't going to be

    I figured he wouldn't be prosecuted. I found it very strange that this massage therapist waited for so many years to decide to act on this. Of course she had no case, it was just another political hate act. Yes it was a coincidence regarding Clinton's wedding. Why would you think...