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    Time to play 3 words

    Yum ooey gooey
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    Guess Her Muff

    I agree with bosco, an extra 1.5 for the lesbo action....9.5/10 awesome face..... I think if she lost 10 lbs she'd be pushing 9.9/10......
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    Guess Her Muff

    OH MY what a pleasure of a daty she would make.
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    Meka @ Great Pharaoh...

    $$$ And does she suck good cock?:D . Just helping BJhunter out.
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    The Delightful Katarina

    Very quick off the mark.... Wow!! She's only been on the Reviewont page since last night, and now has her first review up... :D Keep it up guys. cheers, Raven
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    Fat Lip

    hmm never thought of that - will try grapeseed oil when i next see her - i currently use sweet almond. Thanks
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    Review: J & J

    Date: 10-21-2011 Provider: Brooke? Phone: 817-501-2622 Email Address: - URL / Website: City: Hurst State: Texas Address: precinct & Glade...
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    When Is Too Soon?

    This is not a woman's point of view but I can safely say that your late wife would be happy if you found someone to keep you company as soon as you are ready. Sounds to me that you are ready to find happiness again.
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    Review: ASHLI @ Hulahand has made some improvements

    7th Heaven, Cleopatra, Indy... whereever she lands I just hope to find out soon after and be there waiting with a smile. She is a great young lady and with her attitude, kindness and skills she can be sucsessful any route she goes IMHO.
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    muscle spasms - ouch!

    I woke this morning, turned over in bed and yoW! I twisted or did something to my back and now my mid-back between the right scapula and spine all the way up the neck. It is in spasm! I took motrin and iced. Argh! Anything else I should do? I can't get comfortable, can't be in the same...
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    Review: Sara CIM

    There are many girls that are prettier and younger than Sara, but not very many as special. She's an amazing lady!
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    Essential Oil Suppliers

    I use Brook House... and have had no problems so far. They have fab offers each month, usally 3/5 essential oils from 75p
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    Review: You guys are right. Tammy @ Makeover Nails = AWESOME!

    Date: 5 - 8 - 10 Provider: Tammy Phone: - Email Address: - URL / Website: - City: Houston State: Texas Address: Westheimer Appointment Type: Spa Activities: massage, breast worship, NE, HJ Session Length: 1 hr Fee: $ Hair Length and Color: Black, shoulder...
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    AMP vs Independent Asian providers

    i have only tried one Asian outside of an AMP and she gave me the best experiences ever.. seriously
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    Review: Rising Sun - Crystal

    Nude Mutual Massage
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    michele in north burnaby

    So please let me get this straight! Does michelle provide full service?at her home only? She does sound nice could I please get her contact number Thanks
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    Sharkeys bar

    5555555555 Just remembered one of my drunken rambles to the girl in the "loveshack". Her names Sophia (loveshack), and she on Facebook! She asked me where I lived and when I told her, she said what did I do as she apparently lived before in Sheffield. As I was in a creative mood, I said a...
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    Massage Parlor Reports

    Swung by Paridise an drew a little Honey. A deffinate 9 across the board. Everything was enjoyable, from the TS and massage to the finish. Will repeat on my next long lunch break. Also, Full lips for DATY as an added bonus.
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    Newbie Q.

    Brockton, is that you??
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    refferals Thank you all for responding. There is alot of feedback and I appreciate it. I will also check with the state to see if there is anything here and keep you informed. On the 20% yes he wants it everytime I offered not to solicate any of his clients because I was not going to pay...