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    Weird/Suggestive T-shirt graffiti

    ^ Do you girls mind if I post what I saw in Las Vegas? :hilarious:
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    Men will be men !!!

    Of course they do.... :ohyeah: it's just that girls aren't so obvious about it.... :lol:
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    Time to play 3 words

    In the case
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    Guess Her Muff

    8 loses 2 points if she smokes.
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    Guess Her Muff

    She's got to be young, she has a guinea pig between her legs!!!
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    Vanessa @ 623 3650

    J'ai revu à nouveau Vanessa aujourd'hui et d'une fois à l'autre, elle est devenu au top parmi mes meilleurs. C'est vraiment une expérience à vivre, douceur, chaleur et tout le reste. Merci Vanessa pour ces beaux moments. M35
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    Healing Spa - Best Tradditional Thai Massage

    Hi there..never been able to find a good traditional Thai massage in SG like forever..can PM me their exact location? Thks bro...
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    Clean HCs and Spas for a Good Rub

    Yes, the spa is still running. But the price is steep so is the extra service. I was once quoted 150 buck for a fj.
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    Flirt Review - Miley

    Decide to check out Flirt Spa, on Finch near Allen Rd. Did not book an appointment, just dropped in. Very nicely appointed place. Run by a pleasant female manager. About 4-6 girls work there at a time. Room was clean, spacious and nicely renovated. $40 for 30 mins. (Other rooms are also in...
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    Review: ALMOST at Holly's

    Date: 1/18/12 Provider: Li-Li Phone: 210-681-0429 Email Address: N/A URL / Website: N/A City: San Antonio State: Texas Address: Culebra and 410 Appointment Type: Spa Activities: Table Shower, decent massage, SE, almost a HE but no go. Session Length: 60...
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    Review: Quick Stop & Pop

    Review: Quick Stop & Pop QUOTE=Jared411;956145]Since the name of the provider is a little sketchy, do ou at least have a name of the place. There are at least 10 places within 2 miles of this area. a little more info would help. Also, when writing reviews, paragraphs are your friend. I...
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    4am closing

    my point was that it seemed to be 'strict' 4am (music on, lights off please leave at exactly 4am) whereas before it was alot more casually around about 4am
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    Another newbie!

    Wow , in and out like a 13 year old ... and in the night life section 5555 :D
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    New Federal Laws concerning gift certs

    New Federal Laws concerning gift certs Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you mean the amendment that went into effect on Aug.22 2010 and was recently added to the 2009 credit card law. You can read the government document here...
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    Are People Born Gay?

    It may be simple but not far off at all.
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    Ringing the bell

    That's funny... job creation scheme? ...555 Must be mind-numbing for the girl though...
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    Asian Mystique - Ladies Inventory

    Updated: 7/16/10 Deleted: Bella Total Tokyo Girls: 23 That was short lived...
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    ultime détente

    Pour ma part, je trouve que tu as raison, ma chère Marie. C'est peut-être la raison qui fait que je choisis maintenant des masseuses plus expérimentées. Ah tes ptites douceurs.....j'aime bien le terme. اa me fait repenser à ton allusion de chocolat....brun, doux, onctueux
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    THE Mex-American discount

    I don't really get involved in what race or type of person gets what. I will put my skills up against a better looking, better dressed person any day...well probably because everyone qualifies as better looking, better dressed anyway. I'm just not lame, and the chicas sense that and respect...
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    new joint in patong

    i was looking at this guy's tour dates and he has played Rain, which is one of the biggest clubs in US, but who knows what he makes there believe me, i was at the Akon concert the other night and sitting there trying to figure out how much each of the performers would make a little bit of a...