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    Jenny from Tulip

    Apparently she's at one plus one spa now at 9218 Yonge.
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    Review My Friday the 13th @ Delinto Spa

    This past Friday the 13th I tried to book a session with Farah at Delinto spa but unfortunately whoever was in charge of managing the bookings did a horrible job of it. At about 230 I made a call asking if Farah was in and if she was available to book for 3 to which I was told she was...
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    East Indian Girls

    Jassi is back and she's at alpha care. Same amazing service as always.
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    Is Coco from Blue Angel Spa Legit??

    100 tips + 40 room fee. Decent price. I'd usually go for MW or BH for rimming but since covid a lot of the girls there stopped doing it.
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    Asian Sexy Babe

    LOL hope you were able to see someone there over the past two years. I don't think they ever asked me for a reference when I first went.
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    Is Coco from Blue Angel Spa Legit??

    Definitely agree with this. Saw her last week and she offered to rim me after I only asked for BJ. She's open late and does a great job. Didn't rush me and took her time while I blowing my load in her mouth.
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    I'm a little disappointed I can't see when she's working next because I'm ready to book right now lol
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    MPAs who look like pornstars or actresses?

    Hey, not sure if you found her but I think I may know where she is. She was the Viet girl with the tattoos right? Tried to send you a PM but wasn't able to.
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    Question Where is Jasmine from Seduction

    Oh wow I didn't realize there was another Jasmine there already lol. The one I was talking about was Filipino/Latino. She was curvy but not in a BBW way. Probably mid 20s
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    Question Where is Jasmine from Seduction

    I noticed that Jasmine was one of the girls who never came back after covid started. Anyone have any idea if she's in the industry elsewhere?
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    997a Eglinton West

    That probably is her. I've been there dozens of times and somehow haven't asked her name lol. She's been back for a while since things opened back up. Didn't know she had much of a following because I think there's only been one time where someone else has come knocking during my session.
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    997a Eglinton West

    I've only ever seen one woman working at 997 Eglinton west and she's an older, chubby milf type Chinese woman with big tits. Quite friendly and talkative but knows when to be quiet if you're not into it. This place has been my go to when I'm looking for a cheap release and a good massage...
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    Review Deleted Review

    Definitely agree with Picko on this one. She greeted me at the door in her lingerie, tits popping out and all. Definitely has a great ass and she really could take it! The massage was pretty good considering it was with a towel on my back but after that she ran her fingers across my body gently...