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  1. J.A.

    Cats v/s Dogs !!!

    Last ones always amazing .......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
  2. J.A.

    B.O.N.K.S - Brotherhood Of Nightclub KTV Singapore

    Date: 18th February 2005 (Reviewiday) Venue: Club E Time: 10pm to 3am Place to meet: JC Kopitiam Organised by: SJG Damage: Dependent on attendance Highlights:To be self-witnessed ------------------------------------------------------------------------Chiongsters attending: SJG...
  3. J.A.

    Discreet Spa with real good massage!

    not gona share to TN collectors! lol:D
  4. J.A.

    Word Association

  5. J.A.

    The Bathtub test

    I was about to post the same joke found a similar one :lmao: So bumping it up :rofl: Toooo goood! :rofl:
  6. J.A.

    My personal opinion

    Sg sex line is going to be thing u find booms in sg is the increase sales of sotong in sheng siong or wet market.....:D
  7. J.A.

    Meaning of your CAERF handle

    Mine is quite suitable for me, Female Ejacuation is a talent I've been blessed with and rarely get aroused without ending up in Puddles... My mouth gets as wet too.. Xoxoxx:twisted:
  8. J.A.

    Bobo @ Rainbow: promising start, not so happy ending

    Good report tantalizeme. Finally you have just an average session. :p After all your other great reviews i was beginning to get a little suspicious. :D Read it again. :p
  9. J.A.

    Hi All From Robyn!

    HI and WELCOME Robyn!! Just curious, are you "Do yourself a favour" Robyn? :)
  10. J.A.

    Mature Ladies

    what is mature please tell me at what age do you consider a woman to be classified as mature in this wonderful industry and maybe then I can help you if some info on nice ladies that I may know of.. :lol:
  11. J.A.

    new and hoping for advice on twisted pelvis

    Hello I am in my mid 30's and have recently come off opiates (methadone and heroin) and was bed ridden during my 58 day withdrawal. I attributed the constant excruciating back pain as a symptom of my withdrawal. After day 58 i managed to drag myself to an osteo. I communicated where i was at as...
  12. J.A.

    Prolapsed Disc or not?

    I have to agree with Jeffth. I also had very similar symptoms. There was only moderate pain in the begining, nothing that could stop you from going to work, but as soon as you try to bend forward with stright legs it was getting much worse. I though that it has something to do with lower back...
  13. J.A.

    SE Hair Salons

    I guess they are all on the SW side?
  14. J.A.

    Great Concep[-the Office...but

    I doubt it
  15. J.A.

    Cancun/Isla Mujeres

    Careful buyer -- Got any advice on Cozumel? I can't seem to find info on this board and I'm planning to go in January...
  16. J.A.

    Massage Parlor Reports

    Trav: Welcome to DC buddy! Our research team is gearing up and will have the answers and intel you seek shortly. The regulars on the DC Board are always ready to help. Hold your breath ;) Lax PS: As an alternative you could read the last week to ten days of posts on this thread...
  17. J.A.

    Massage Parlor Reports

    How is Sara? Is Coco the same girl that was there a few months ago?
  18. J.A.

    Please be honest

    I've only been practicing for 3 years myself, but 3 of my profs in school had practiced for over 20 years, and two of them were still massaging part time while teaching. My dad kind of had a hard time with me going into this profession. When I told him I was going to school for massage...
  19. J.A.

    Review: Chrismas gift (3some) with Suny & Lily

    Date: 12/24/2010 Provider: Suny & Lily Phone: - Email Address: - URL / Website: - City: Houston State: Texas Address: - HAWIN Appointment Type: Incall Activities: bbbj x 4, Creek x 4, DFK, LFK, COB, CFS Session Length: 45 Fee: 200 Hair Length and Color: - Age: under 40...