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    Review: J & J

    Date: 10-21-2011 Provider: Brooke? Phone: 817-501-2622 Email Address: - URL / Website: City: Hurst State: Texas Address: precinct & Glade...
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    muscle spasms - ouch!

    I woke this morning, turned over in bed and yoW! I twisted or did something to my back and now my mid-back between the right scapula and spine all the way up the neck. It is in spasm! I took motrin and iced. Argh! Anything else I should do? I can't get comfortable, can't be in the same...
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    Review: You guys are right. Tammy @ Makeover Nails = AWESOME!

    Date: 5 - 8 - 10 Provider: Tammy Phone: - Email Address: - URL / Website: - City: Houston State: Texas Address: Westheimer Appointment Type: Spa Activities: massage, breast worship, NE, HJ Session Length: 1 hr Fee: $ Hair Length and Color: Black, shoulder...
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    Anyone been to Hon Fa Massage?

    It is listed in singtao and also in Ero's post . Thanks Ero for the translation.. 7. Hon Fa Massage Place tel 6042983872, 202-4634 Hastings St. Burnaby, from 8am to late hours, $20/session It looks too good to be true.. $20 for how long? How are the girls there and service/price? Any...
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    well,to start,i have no idea about whats going on about this industrie in Mtl(sorry guys but my family lives there so you know...) i believe that guys are guys,all around the world,i don't think there is any difference. The difference is the way people dress, start a conversation opn the...
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    24 Hours

    Does anybody know of any joints open 24? Dying to get a massage now, random time, i know. Thanks in advance.
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    Review: [email protected] Allure.

    Megan is another blonde who did work at Allure previously. I believe she worked as "Christine" before. I did see her back then too and my session with her was plain meidocre. Not much has changed since then and my current session with her was almost identical. Although Megan is fairly tall...
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    ISO Maple Shiatsu (Day Attendants)

    I was driving by during the day and decided to stop in to check out the attendants. There were two ladies available; Debbie and Maggie. Can anybody provide me with any info on these two or any others also working on day shift?
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    is it okay to sit on my boyfriends bottom when giving him a back massage on the bed?

    I am planning to give my boyfriend a massage and I would like to know if it is safe to sit on his bottom while I do it? Has anyone ever done it that way? has it worked? I want to make sure that both of us are comfortable with out causing more strain. thanks