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    Anything open?

    Nothing open all over the world... I'm in London and by business is almost done... Don't know what to do not to lose clients
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    Check out our new massage site

    Hi guys! We have a new home massage London therapists websites, with booking and everything. All sorts of massages, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Sports and more... Check it out. Cheers
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    Aromatherapy inhalation abuse?

    Be aware that aromatherapy is not the same as drugs. But to a certain extent, the salts and other materials can be damaging. Just take care.
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    What are some great aromatherapy gifts that do not involve lighting candles?

    Oils, salts, diffusers, shower steamers, various combo boxes...
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    Mobile massage in London, UK

    Hi Guys! A new mobile massage London salon on wheels has opened. Check it out and you won't regret it!
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    Is it possible to get aroused during massage therapy?

    It is very possible :) Nothing unusual here.
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    Is acupuncture treatment effective for depression?

    Yep, you should try therapy, exercise a lot. as for diet, i don't really believe that starving yourself would help much....
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    Tense? How about a power tool massage? - kwbe

    Lol, if it cuts through the protection you're done :)))
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    Is acupuncture treatment effective for depression?

    Yes, it definitely is, but when performed correctly. Do not do it on yourself, search for a pro.
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    Mobile massage - what tools to carry with me?

    HI! What other tools besides oils, table and towels do you use for performing home massage sessions? Something I can use to improve the sessions?