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    Inquiry: Anyone have info on this one

    girth111, Were you able to give her a try? I also have seen her ads and would like to know more. Thanks,
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    Finding the ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol i guess they missed the polar regions :P
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    B.O.N.K.S - Brotherhood Of Nightclub KTV Singapore

    Open to any samster: Due to de high demanding on our body to realease, cum and late nights for de past few weeks, i wish to organise an outing on ball game (NBA) to keep we guys fit and healthy in order to BONK more later...kekeke! Details are as below.... Date: 27th February 2005...
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    Asian Pussycat Dolls

    Yup.. I too think that was a bad choice allowing her to do that, unless you did the same..
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    Rate the Girl of the day.

    Not bad at all 9.5/10
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    CBD Lunch breakes

    I am new to the CBD - Can anyone tel me where I will find some lunch break sensual touches and stress relieve? Amyone to recommend?
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    Caprice at Great Pharaoh

    $150 is their all-inclusive rate for 30 minutes, full-service, non-GFE. YMMV always, quite a few of the girls have lots of restrictions.
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    Vip Salon Beaute, 5324 Queen Mary, (514) 227-3409

    Not available anymore at VIP... Called Helena so that's 100% sure. If anyone's aware if she works elsewhere, it would be very kind to share the info. Thanks! -C
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    Outcall massage chubby gal

    Mind if I tell her Ricky sent me?
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    Massage Couches

    I'm with doesn't matter how tall or strong you are, simple logic and body mechanics tell you if you're carrying the thing more than four feet, USE A CART. Otherwise you'll be making your chiropractor very wealthy with frequent adjustments, as even the lightest tables will yank your...
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    Things you do when you are home alone.

    Call telemarketers during dinner time and try to sell them insurance :666:.
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    Review: Nice times with Gabriella

    One of my favorites
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    Review: Location: Springwood Shopping Center

    Date: 4/10/2011 Provider: Anita Phone: 210-954-7092 Email Address: unk URL / Website: City: San Antonio, Texas 78201 State: Texas Address: Fredericksburg Rd...
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    Review: Yoko ONo? OMaybe? @ VIP

    Real natural C's or D's eh? I may have to check them out! Thanks for the review.
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    Review: A Foot from NSI

    Hmm, this the place as you round the corner on Fry with a very small parking lot in front?
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    Cicia from Salon Pattaya

    Why? Is this review just advertise that is very different from the fact?
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    Review: Rejected at Blue Angel

    Sorry to hear about that. The entire area seems to be on edge.
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    Review: Lisa put me on Cloud 9 at 7th Heaven

    Recommendation? Although obvious when you read the ROS.
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    Review: A short visit w Cindy, but I am unhappy w 7th management

    agreed... but you know what pisses me off in these kind of places... its that whenever you pay, and the girl leaves with the money, even if you have a 5 minute session, there is NO MONEY BACK. Apparently in Russia, my friends have experienced certain places where providers don't get paid if...
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    Review: The Ultimate Massage CLOSE TO BING

    if you drive into scranton there are few other places.