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    Review: Not impressed with Amy @ Braker AMP

    Date: 6/28/2011 Provider: Amy Phone: 512-810-0006 Email Address: - URL / Website: City: Austin State: Texas Address: I-35 & Braker Appointment Type: Incall...
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    Review: Jess @ Great Pharaoh

    Well, I decided to start the long weekend off right so I decided to head to Great Pharaoh. It has been a while since I last visited - but have always liked the service, location and atmosphere. Also, there are some new girls there that I wanted to see. I saw the lineup (which included two new...
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    Client xmas gifts

    I ususally give each client that sees me in Dec. a small gift for the holidays. I am running behind this year, and would like to have some ideas on inexpensive gifts to give clients.
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    Elbow massage

    Hello, I have never written a review before, but I felt obligated to write this review for a few reasons. 1) I have been lurking on this forum for a while now and have learned valuable lessons from many of the more experienced members. I want to show my appreciation. 2) well, I think I...
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    We better go with a Tuk Tuk

    I met a girl at Tai Pan, she was gourdious, my hotel was Thara Patong, I had a good evening out, I said to her , I want to go to Safari, she said I,ll drive you , I said we better go whit aTuk Tuk, because she was very drunk, No No, she said I can drive, she had a beatifull Honda Accord, almost...
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    Increased prices in Patong?

    I've been reading alot about patong prices being higher than those in Pattaya for example. Is it prices on everything which are higher or just general things like bar fines, bar girls and drinks etc. Also is it possible to avoid these over inflated prices for example. I'm going in...
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    Anida Massage... I TOFTT...

    Lots of ambuiguity on this place... previous posts suggest this is a legit place, but they have suggestive ads all over CL... and I guess the high rate of $2/min was misleading too.. so yesterday, I decided to find out... sent them an email asking what the services are, rates and if I could...
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    [email protected] Gemini Spa

    Stopped by Gemini Spa last week in the morning and was greeted by Erica as I caught sight of a gorgeous girl walking through the hall, "Who's that?" I asked Erica, "That's Anna" she replied, "Do you want to do a double with us?". Erica is a nice girl, but not my cup of tea so I decided to just...