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Call: 437~333~4760 North Guelph
text or call at 416-433-8409 full body naked msge
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    539 Spa WB (PA)

    Was in the Wyoming Valley Sat. visiting family so I took a ride to 539 Spa. This place is the best amp I have ever been to. It is spotless clean showers in the room witch I think is great. I saw Michelle just as described here. I have had a better ts but I wasn't there for that. The massage...
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    5 Northern Blvd (Great Neck) - small update

    The place is definetly still open. Tried a new girl named Amy, she gave me one of the best therapudic massages I ever had. Very nice lady
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    Poor guy. XD

    lmfao oh my poor guy :rolleyes::D;):):ok::p::lol::clap
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    Hard Skin

    According to Jane Sheehan's book "lets read our feet" this zone is linked to our feelings right foot - Feeling: What you want in life Zone 2: " " " " " Zone 3: Doing/Agression Zone 4: Relating /attachment to things left foot -...
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    Evening place to find quality girls

    Evening place to find quality girls Bar Poas is all men right now and the massage parlor with the cat has 1 girl sitting there that looks bored. i just walked by there. You are going to have to either pull from the 3 night spots or you have pretty much painted yourself into a corner. if you are...
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    100 for hour or all night

    I had an attractive girl from Mediellen(sp) stay all night with me (8pm till 9am ) We never discussed price and I think she wanted to stay the next day but I had to cut her loose cuz I had places to go. It was Tuesday nite and i paid cien. Also bought her dinner at the Del Mar