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    Emily -22 cl TOFTT

    Advertised as d cup and legit i called and booked. went to another of those metrotown towers, got the behind the door from a woman who was not Emily, but some kind of young madame. She ushers me into a dirty room to wait. 5-10 mins later she moves me to another room, almost as...
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    Asian Mystique Review - Asuka

    After a few drinks the other night I was feeling horny and stupid so I called Asian Mystique and from the girls available choose Asuka and was very happy with my choice. I have used AM a few times over the last few years and met with about 10 of their girls and Asuka was the most fun by far...
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    Bois de Boulogne : the craziest place in Paris

    Thanks brother. Let me try my luck. If you have any plans of coming over to India, let me know, I shall guide you to wonderful independents, typical Indian gorgeous beauties.
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    star studio yesterday...

    ok, i'm wrapping up this hobby for the year. it was a good run i guess. for me. saw 4 sps and more than a dozen mp visits. let's say i have 80% satisfaction all throughout this year. not bad eh? anyways, went to see liz yesterday @ star. well a couple of the brothers here has asked. "doesn't she...
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    Victoria Blue

    Does anyone know if Victoria Blue is still active? Has she slipped into retirement or maybe just on vacation? She offers an amazing massage and I've been looking forward to another. Now she would be the first to say she's not great at checking emails or PMs but the last few haven't had any...
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    How To Treat An MPA

    This thread seems a bit pointless. I mean you treat a MPA with respect first and for most. If it is your perogative to go in to a MP just for the release then do so. The MPA will treat you just like a client that just wants a release. If you treat her better they will treat you better. If you...
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    The Candle!!!

    Mrs.O'Donovan was walking down O'Connell Street in Dublin, and coming in the opposite direction was Father Rafferty. "Hello," said the Father, "and how is Mrs.O'Donovan? Didn't I marry you two years ago?" She replied "That you did Father." The priest asked, "And are there any little ones yet?"...