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    Midtown Gold Spa

    TimeOut name checks Gold (and White Hyacinth) and TER reviews in a 'Happy Ending Addict' story. Mar 5-11, online. Expect some new faces in the man-traffic.
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    Your Fav Oil?

    I swore I didnt like Sandalwood because of a grotty bar of soap I won in a raffle years ago but when I started on my Aromatherapy course and sniffed someone elses Sandalwood eo I was hooked
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    So was genocide first introduced in the Torah, Jewish Law?

    You a muslim? - only muslims think that: Atheism!!! Some of the greatest evil seen has been perpetrated by those who have adopted an evolutionary approach to morality - Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot. Atheistic evolutionist Sir Arthur Keith acknowledged of Hitler: 'The German...