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  1. queniano

    Guess Her Muff

    Chunky you are so predictable.:lol: I do agree with your yuk comments. This one is my favorite of this entire thread, so yummy looking.
  2. queniano

    Market Street Chinatown

    What do you look for in the ST? I bought a paper last time but I couldn't figure out which one was the right one!
  3. queniano

    Study: Women Always Answer Their Phones Unless...

    The study also concluded that 99 percent of women who pick up the phone quickly and enthusiastically do so because they are expecting a call from another man. Meaning, not her husband?.
  4. queniano

    Quick Reviews

    3) Sasa Found Sasa like you described: nice smile, soft skin, service oriented. Sometimes a little reticent like she's absorbing your style, but maintains a comely smile as she moves into things. Good energy with FS, but she's even better with duos. I've had the good fortune of 3 or 4 with...
  5. queniano

    Backpain- what alternative therapies

    have you recently changed or increased any training at the gym, i am a sports therapist and deal primarily with sports people of varying abilities, maybe you are carryingout an exercise incorrectly, not warming up or stretching properly. A quality massage would either help or the consultation...
  6. queniano


    If any of you go see her, pls share your experience...
  7. queniano

    Almost wrong Only a few ladies here can vouch if any of those are me. :p
  8. queniano

    Clinique Rose 6460 Gouin W. (514) 337-9444

    Hey guys, I guess I have to take a refresh course in Boob Cups....Nonetheless they were nice tits...until then I'll refer to the tits I grab as small, medium or big to avoid confusion and dissapointment :) B.C.
  9. queniano

    You remember your first date?

    She was 5'10 i was 5'4. Kind of awkward trying to put my arms around her during our walk through the park.
  10. queniano


    i guess it means a threesome with two females and one male ...
  11. queniano

    Review: Meza @ New Sun Island

    Is yumi still there btw?
  12. queniano

    Equine Massage Cert Program in NH, ME or MA?

    I have found this one. Does anyone know anything about them, their program, or know any graduates? : New England Academy of Therapeutic Sciences, located in Dublin NH - 600 hour Equine Bodywork Professional Certification Program.
  13. queniano

    Any Current Info?

    The current line up at VIP sucks!!! Well the girl I saw did at least. Her name was Shari or something like that. I couldn't understand what the hell she said. She looked like she was 15 years too old, and 40 pounds too heavy. I didn't even bother with a review; total waste of time!
  14. queniano

    Sauve clinic, 382-2676

    anybody got recent feedback on this place?
  15. queniano

    Thursday trip report, 08-18-2011

    Generic V works, but it works in the sense that the real V works for me... When my friends take the real V, they say their cock is strong for 4 hours straight and some have had Blue vision where everyone looks like a smurf. For me, the real V and the generic V, my cock doesn't get any bigger or...
  16. queniano

    Review: tracey at med center spa

    Guys thanks for the intel!
  17. queniano

    TJ Bars: Other Than the Big Two

    The score is settled: Tropical now has the best looking chicas.... I was there last night and boy are they hot.... they wear street cloths, jeans and tops and are so sexy.... but 1/3 of them don't even go upstairs.... Also, the maseras in Malqueridas now have new school girl uniform.... very...
  18. queniano


    My husband makes mine in InDesign. It turns out a brochure that looks like it came from a professional print shop - super nice.
  19. queniano


    There are limited street walkers on Tongren Lu because there is hired security (not police) that keep them away. When leaving the bars at 3 or 4 in the morning there always seems to be some, but I am usually drunk or already with a girl. You were there on a Sunday or Monday night at 8:30pm...
  20. queniano


    Have you considered a type of trauma release work like EMDR or even EFT (emotional freedom technique)? This might help with getting you unstuck from that very difficult situation. I rec'd EMDR after I could not get past the visual impression left by an accident involving one of my pets. It...