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  1. queniano

    Almost wrong Only a few ladies here can vouch if any of those are me. :p
  2. queniano

    Sauve clinic, 382-2676

    anybody got recent feedback on this place?
  3. queniano

    Thursday trip report, 08-18-2011

    Generic V works, but it works in the sense that the real V works for me... When my friends take the real V, they say their cock is strong for 4 hours straight and some have had Blue vision where everyone looks like a smurf. For me, the real V and the generic V, my cock doesn't get any bigger or...
  4. queniano

    PMS & Chocolate

    PMS & HORMONES >>13 Things PMS Stands For: >>1. Pass My Shotgun >>2. Psychotic Mood Shift >>3. Perpetual Munching Spree >>4. Puffy Mid-Section >>5. People Make me Sick >>6. Provide Me with Sweets >>7. Pardon My Sobbing >>8. Pimples May Surface >>9. Pass My...
  5. queniano

    Can a teen lesbian chat with me on yahoo?

    No. I just want advice. I don't really want to chat, yahoo is broke so I cant, I just want emails im 17 years old, anybody wanna email.?