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    Announcement Donald Trump has Coronavirus

    He’s got it. Guess it was a matter of time since he doesn’t wear a mask or allow those around him to wear one. also mentioned here but the post header isn’t as obvious
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    Coronavirus Cops

    So Toronto is going to have Covid Cops that will be more aggressive than regular cops. I wonder if they will follow India’s lead with the uniforms
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    Ontario COVID-19 Tracker For those that want a direct source to relevant information rather than the cherry picked and manipulated view Whitesnake1987 distributes.
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    Funny Lie Detector Test

    From the same guy that parodied every Asian Massage Parlour. His girlfriend is really cute too
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    Why I want a Coronavirus vaccine......

    I want a Coronavirus vaccine because I want to BBDFK again. This CDFK thing sucks 😁
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    Real Estate Listing

    Anyone interested in a high end condo in the Annex/Yorkville area? He’s a virtual tour React if you see why I posted this here 😆
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    Poll: Whitesnake1987 COVID-19 posts opinion

    Anonymous poll, you can’t change you vote. You need to vote to see results. what is your opinion of Whitesnake1987 COVID-19 posts
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    Krayjee’s Video Confession

    So, Krayjee has posted his video confessions. Got to feel sorry for the guy 😉
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    Poll: when are you going back to the spa?

    Let’s see the general sentiment to returning to hobbying. Poll is anonymous but you have to vote (no changes) to see the results.
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    Every Asian Massage Parlour Video

    So, which board member made this video 😂
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    Boober Eats

    Keeping the Strippers employed