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    Little Jonny

    ^^ :lmao: :hilarious: :rofl: OMG, little johnny................ :roflcopter:
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    Gang-stir movies

    :dx: :dx: :dx: :dx:
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    Third of way through course and having second thoughts

    Go with your own instinct, if you are enjoying it carry on!
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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    It is so good to hear such positive stories, thanks guys! I had my chiro treatment on friday; he believes I have alot of blockages from my neck stopping nerve impulses getting through properly - I was crunched about, and recommended to stretch out my lower arms regularly. I am having...
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    Hiyako Spa (Midtown West) **NEW**

    When was this place ever uphill?
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    Sports Massage Oils!

    When I first started sports massage,I used to use top of the range expensive oils full of wonderfull sounding ingrediants.Unfortunately they started to have a detrimental effect on me.(aromatherapistssuffer too) Once I started to treat high numbers of clients the volume of oil...
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    Right on, Psychman and RBC100. And GetRhythm is right-The availability changeS daily (hell, hourly) and , it seems, so do the prices lately. BUT c7000 at Muses for a sweet and, wanting to please chica, sure as hell beats $100 or even $50-60 for a hardcore, money grabing DR or KL chica. IMHO...
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    Would it be okay to introduce a new cockatiel to a 6 month old cockatiel?

    I've had a cockatiel called Stewie now for about 6 months and hes the sweetest bird you could imagine, hes always been really good, he was first stood on my finger within three days of getting him and he was a parent-reared baby, so this shows clearly that he can adapt well. Though desite these...