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    Which is it - herniated disc or spinal stenosis?

    Woah there! Not so fast! The only place you'll find a textbook case is in a textbook - a ruptured disc can sometimes hurt more with extension. Importantly, there are many other things that can be involved in generating your actual symptoms. Facet-joint (zygopophyseal joint) inflammation also...
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    Pirate Club Show Sept. 26 vs. the Park Hotel Show

    This is everything a "Trip" Report ought to be --the pluses, the minuses, the summing up, suggestions to make it better, the comparo with a similar venue. A template for others. Something tells me Brother NoNon writes reports for a living, 'cuz he sure does it right.
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    Speciality of the day

    An English couple on holiday in Seville stopped at a local restaurant following a day's sight seeing. While sipping their drinks, they noticed a sizzling, scrumptious looking platter being served at the next table. Not only did it look good, the smell was wonderful. They asked the...
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    Amish father & son

    Amish father & son an amish father and his son are visiting a mall for the first time they see quite a heavy woman go into an elevator and watch in astonishment as the little numbers above it start counting up. once it reaches the top they become even more amazed as the numbers start...
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    When chatting on messenger or similar IM service when you say BRB, what is an...

    I would only say brb if I meant that I would.... Be right back. So I would say 3 minutes. If any longer I would o back and tell them ttyl.