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  1. J

    Time to play 3 words

    Peace only allowed!
  2. J

    Word Association

  3. J

    Vanessa @ 623 3650

    Comment "quelqu'un d'autre l'a rencontré" !?!?? Y'a -9- pages d'éloges à son égard... c'est pas s'il y avait une seule review!!! C'est le temps d'aller l'essayer par toi-même je crois :)
  4. J

    2 Word Association

    Randolf Scott
  5. J

    Reply ONLY with a question

    You need a nap??
  6. J

    Reply ONLY with a question

    Have you had doggie with a Latina?
  7. J

    Reviews on Miranda

    Sounds HOT to me too She sounds pretty damn good to me when we were chatting on here. Have not met her yet, but try her at Indy time when she is up here. (I presume you are in Brisbane)
  8. J

    Review: Hot Spring

    I know about the free parking (which is nice), but sometimes they make you sit in the "lounge" to wait and everyone can see you. Also a lot of foot traffic infront of the store. Haven't been back in months (even for Mya!) due to lack of discretion.
  9. J

    Sonagaachi Updates

    We had group dance with Kangana and had 1 shot as well which was good seeing his tight and shapped boobs. I never try smooch and other kissings as they have good amount of makeup which I avoid to eat....
  10. J

    What is Your Ickiest/Yuckiest Habit?

    Only for the person who has to listen to it. :neutral:
  11. J

    Charlie Horse

    charlie horse i know how you feel, i would get them after having massage on the calves and ive narrowed mine down that the person doing it was a little rough..whew but a light massage on the calf and foot where it was sore did me wonders. if you know a classmate that has a lighter touch try it...
  12. J

    Review: review: fondren and harwin

    Date: 6/12/11 Provider: dont remember name Phone: - Email Address: - URL / Website: - City: houston State: Texas Address: on fondren between westpark and harwin Appointment Type: Incall Activities: bbbj, hj, cfs, k9, mish Session Length: 50/60mins Fee: 1.6000...
  13. J

    Massage Parlor Reports

    I'm curious as to who that person might be. As many of you are aware, life is full of boredom in the professional world. After a while, it's all you can do to let the day pass and I consider this forum my new "white whale." Perhaps the similarity you've noticed is nothing more than...
  14. J

    Massage Parlor Reports

    Don't understand, she is there.... Just came back.
  15. J

    Vietnam or Bali - is it like PHuket?

    Yes. Sorry. Patong.
  16. J

    Go Go Touts on Bangla Rd

    I've never seen any falang touts in pattaya, is this a patong only specialty ??
  17. J

    a must to do in Patong?

    Wasn't always the climax of my night I guess. No offense to anyone of course, but I didn't necessarily feel the need to get a girl for the sake of getting one. I spent a lot of nights alone, by choice.
  18. J


    Mamasang, if you don't stop spamming, you're going to get banned very, very soon. Well, at least I hope so!
  19. J

    Go Go Touts on Bangla Rd

    I thought N1 was referring to CMD's post??????????????
  20. J

    500 baht bar fine bars

    Less chance of knock back once they have actually come to the room huh ???