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    Spa at the adelphi

    cindy service was really great i try her before..
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    Guess Her Muff

    Very Christmasy instead of " chestnuts roasting on an open fire" it's "chest and snatch roasting on an open fire" Actually i think she is quite doable in a bohemian kind of way.
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    KIKI Korean 5022

    there are sound good cock suckers in calgary train by surgarland if you happen to cum to this village city.
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    10223 (corner fleury) 514-677-1080

    I haven't seen any posts for this place so thought I would TOFTT. Its on 10223 St Laurent (east side of the street), just south of Fleury. I visited Emi a few Saturdays ago (she's only there on Saturdays) and had a very nice time. The palce, on the second floor, is newly renovated and...
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    Decent Massage in Jurong East (No Special, juz pure massage)

    Like Bro machoman, I have ZAPPED you as well.
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    A question for Naughty Nikki

    So Nikki could you tell me if the pictures in your member area are of a certain Miss L Slut Reviewom Bald Hills. Not that I would be complaining about that. Or even bitching and whinging. I just think you are both damb fine looking ladies. Yours Colin The Very Much A Fan Of Your Website Hun...
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    Karachi Massage Parlors

    lets keep this thread alive. share some new experiences people.
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    CR this June but...

    Got plans to go to CR labor day weekend, staying at Los Suenos Marriott. How is the fun for this time of year? I have read about Jaco, so it seems fun can be had there at times. Is that also true for that time of the year?
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    Review: No Penny but Minnie is MARVELOUS-Cleo

    I gotta go see Minnie Mouse again. Good memories! Good Time !
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    I wish you guys would have told me regarding Cindy

    Ok, Guys well I finally put 2 & 2 together. A few years ago I met a very nice lady named Cindy at smile. She was my all time favorite. I had seen her a few times and then one time went back and she was no longer there. I had taken sometime away from visiting the AMP's so I never found out where...
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    Bobo @ Swan

    This is my 2nd term, can't get reelected.... so I can do whatever the fuck I want. :D
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    Review: Accupressure Therapy - Judy/Julie

    Thanks for the advice HP. Nice to know there are good people on this site.
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    Review: TOFTT and awkward moment at Swan Health Center #2

    TOFTT indeed. And entertaining indeed. This review motivates me to write about a bad experience from a few months ago. So bad, like this review, there were moments of humor. And G, one more thing, you have my favorite avatar on massageplanet. Without question!
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    info needed

    Richmann, even if your friend only wants her ladies to do R&T she really will have no idea what is going on behind closed doors. If she is looking for premises already fitted out, Luxury Massage in Richmond just closed down.
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    10th and Arbutus behind IGA East of the tracks
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    opportunity to rent space

    My thoughts: Look at what you think the "fair market value is". In other words look around and see what real estate is renting for in that area which means looking at what's available. Estimate what you hope to make, and what you can afford to pay them as rent. Look at what you would...
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    how much to charge

    how much to charge In my town I see independent MT's charge between $55 - $65 for an hour. It's mostly $55. Massage Envy is $49, Elements $55, and Hand and Stone is $49 and thats for the 50 minute session. What I did when I began my business was start at $65 and add value to my session. I...
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    Title Synonyms

    I know of a few already, but I wanted to see what else is around the country/world. Massage Therapist Bodywork Therapist Myomassologist (My personal fav) Somatic Pratitioner (tied with the latter) Myologist (is that one?) Any to add to the list?
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    3 years ago and now - zona area

    so you were able to get an AB girl for 55?
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    Big $ scam by Karon Bar Girl

    I think I have some pictures of the bar, but with a few girls and customers in it, so I don’t want to post it. I thought you might recognize the bars name. But when I read your description above, I don’t think it’s this bar. And I misunderstood. I thought the bar was owned by a lady. I see know...