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    Time to play 3 words

    no. thank you
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    Massage shop in the East - For pure massage

    Thanks Brother Injuredman for Cindy's contact. I think she had learnt to provide a nice cosy relaxing environment for massaging by speaking less. The smell of the place was nice, the chinese songs on the background was soft and soothing. She really worked hard by her mannerism and effort she...
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    Guess Her Muff

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    I will try her next week on the down low so Yoyo doesn't see me cheating on her growth
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    Reply ONLY with a question

    You are not growing a sweater for the winter of your life?
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    Jada, two girls four hands on Alberni

    lets see how many names we can come up with by combining both their names... i'll start: jada + amy = jamy (jamie) next....
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    Yo Mama Jokes 8)

    Jones Girl [x];3858173']Yes, we were in art class :lol:
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    I have been trying to arrange a 'meeting' with Lexi for a coupla weeks now with no luck. She looks totally hot in her photos, can anyone confirm that she does exist? if so give advice about the best way to contact her.
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    SP or MPA shopping at Square One July 4th? Can I buy you some furniture? The girl at the mall had the same small waist to child bearing hips ratio and that same buttocks out posture. The face looks simililar but the lips on the mirage photos are a little more full. The boobs are very close. I am going to call Andy to...
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    sasha spa

    After reading all the Reviews in this forum, my lanjiao also ngeh liao. Since I am a newbie without any okt's number, so I decided to go for HC. After some tikam-tikam decide to call sasha. Recep answered and I ask who is the ang pai. She said you want Diana or Mickey. So I said I take the...
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    Abandon Spas Massage

    I had to go back to Abandon Spas to complete my assessment of what appears to be the top three: Josianne, Megane and Carly. Of all three, I find that Carly has the best technique, from the therapeutic massage (my back feels so much better) to ball teasing. The release was quite good as well...
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    The Beautiful Face Thread

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    Short Clip: Modified 69 (a 96?)

    I will pay good money for any sp that can do that.
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    Big News : Kim (Renaissance) is back as LEA AT ALTEZA- for all big boobs fan !!!

    *** SHILL Post. More info here. M7 *** you are welcome buddy....we are so lucky to have KIM back as a new Princess LEA !!!!!
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    Review: Jeannie at Jade

    Date: 4/27/2012 Provider: Jeannie Phone: 214-651-1818 Email Address: - URL / Website: - City: Dallas State: Texas Address: Dallas Market Center Appointment Type: Incall Activities: Massage, CBJ, CFS (multi-position) Session Length: 1hr Fee: $$ Hair Length...
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    psst. Her ad says "Feminine and Compassionate"
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    Review: amp

    sorry guys i ment 5'5" must have been dreamin
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    ROC Best place/provider for a newb

    Thanks, she looks great! Open to any more suggestions.
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    Review: Nice L1 with Em at VIP in Newark

    Thanks for the review.
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    Would you send a beautiful blonde reporter to a dangerous Country?

    I agree with you scotty and one cannot ignore the fact that women DO face the sexual assault hazard on top of the physical danger that both male and female journalists experience. Something EVERYONE here has to realize is that while we enjoy an enlightened society that accepts women as equals...