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    14 Household Uses for Beer

    and cooking chicken on the bbq
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    Guess Her Muff

    how come i can't see any pics?
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    14 Household Uses for Beer

    beer is for drinking
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    Guess her Muff

    i can play this game all day
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    Homemade muff

    i think i've seen it all now, thats putting household items to good use lol
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    Guess Her Muff

    you never know what you'll find down there! i dated a girl one time that was perfect and very meticulous... nails, hair, eyebrows, teeth, were perfect.. got into her panties and couldn't believe it, needed a weed wacker to clear a path to the treasure.. 24 years old and never even so much as...
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    Miss Universe Hopeful Told to Wear Panties

    she looks better without panties
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    Reply ONLY with a question

    coffee or tea?
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    Good chatting websites. ?

    what are your preferences?
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    ambition spa in cambridge, anyone been there?

    anyone been here? their website is bleek, or anywhere else in cambridge area?
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    Julia Blue Lagoon

    the girls always look better on the website then they do in person
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    Upcoming reviews!

    can anyone direct me to where i can find tall ladies? i'm talkin 5'9" plus
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    The client who did not pay.

    put a sign up on his lawn, so everyone can see it
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    i love a nice footjob, from nice sexy feet... all over my body
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    had an amazing time at blue pearl spa

    beautiful, road trip
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    Asian recommendations please...

    that's just nasty
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    Temptation Spa on Eglington E......

    any hot black ladies work there?
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    Review: Smoothnsilky "Dawn" fun on a Friday night

    i think you should take the review as a compliment