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  1. J

    Almost Shot Dead

    :hilarious: :hilarious:
  2. J


    Definitely true. I just wish these girls are less tanned. I love them milky white
  3. J

    MadeInRussia4U2 (6462342794)

    Tried calling tonight, but unfortunately no answer.
  4. J

    How do you all dress for work?!

    HI When training I wore the white tunic top which does look smart, but yes does make you look like a doctor. Since working in a salon, we have a uniform there, which we got from Florence Roby. I have a black top and a white top. I wear these with black trousers, and everyone always...
  5. J

    How To Wash The Cat!

    My cats are gonne be there to sort you out, claws and all!
  6. J

    In what country was the IPhone first introduced?

    Look on the brightside; if you'd bet him $ 20.00, you'd only owe him 12.44 pounds... (I think.)