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    ramona @ bbc

    i'd like to add a new acronym to the list: GGWB which means good god what a body! that about sum's up ramona's look. she's spanish/black, barely over 5' and definitely a spinner. her body is thin but not fragile. the session was nothing out of the ordinary from what you'd expect at bbc...
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    Diana - Decarie

    curious about a Diana that worked at this place on Decaire near Snowdon metro. can't remember the address, but the number is 223-1463. its an all asian place on the second floor of a commercial building. got two massages from her back in june, july 05. she is a bleach blonde with...
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    How to help a friend out

    OK guys and girls give us your ideas and feedback how we can help a friend. Any of you had (have) a friend that has low self esteem not too good looking and either too fat or too skinny?. Never had a real date and never heard the word I love you from a woman besides relatives. How would you help...
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    Just saw Waterlily 182 Royal York Road. Ad on Craigslist Relaxing "Sensual" Full Body Massage Tel: # 416 259-7776 Check it on Craigslist Site. This we talked about before on this site. Thought I would mention it for what its worth?
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    My dream MPA should look like...
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    Lookingfor an incall massage +

    I'm looking for a weekly incall massage with an attractive lady 100-125lbs. It may occaisionally be bi weekly but it will be on going. I will be a regular client. I'm looking for a very classy lady. I'm looking to find a an oasis..sensual massage with more than the usual options. I'm not...
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    REVIEW: Mia @ HFH Introduction So what's the difference between a GOOD MPA and a GREAT MPA ? IMO a great MPA is a mixture of looks, personality, attitude, and "heat", not to be confused with mileage. ... more importantly, a great MPA can create an...