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    I made an appointment at Mint to see Julie it got cancelled BUT I got to meet Suki instead . I’m In love. I never met either and I’m told Julie is beautiful . Suki is too. Friendly nice body 5 ‘6 Korean looks about. 23 but is actually older . She used to work at legit massage places so the massage was real good . Not deep just enough pressure that you skin was rolling under her thumbs. It’s a micro so yeah 240
    she jumped in the shower with me after. She was very open too a lot. She treats you like you her man . I could go into detail but I think you all know anyway. I will see her as much as the wallet will allow. I’d like to see Julie too . There was a French girl there . I’m not really into white women now days. Not since I began seeing Asian women . Suki’s English is almost flawless. I thought she was faking a Korean accent at times
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